Learn How to Channel Energies of the Highest Light Video Lessons


Spiritual Teachers, Healers, Channelers, Artists and Lightworkers… Learn How to Channel on a Deeper Level with 5 Easy Video Lessons!

How would your life change if you could:

Meet your Guides and Support Team of Light
Understand the messages you receive with more clarity
See, hear and feel your Guides with ease and make better choices
If you so desire, allow for Beings of the Highest Light to speak through you
Learn how to channel in front of an audience – large or small
Learn to connect only to Beings of the Highest Light
Differentiate between messages from your guides and messages from your own mind
Live your purpose and follow your true calling

Here is what’s included in the “Learn How to Channel Energies of the Highest Light” Workshop:

Lesson 1 (Duration: 1hour 50minutes)

– Find Out Who Are Your Guides
– Connecting With Your Guides
– What is the lifestyle of a channeler and how to get there with ease

Lesson 2 (Duration: 1hour 30minutes)

– Learn How to Setup Sacred Space
– How Information from the non-physical progresses into our life and beyond
– Healing any obstacles that might prevent you from stepping into your life as a channeler
– How to make sure that the information you are getting can be trusted

Lesson 3 (Duration: 1hour 30minutes)

– Learn different channeling techniques from automatic writing to full trance-channeling level 1 and level 2
– How to prepare for a channeling
– How to assemble your channeling team

Lesson 4 (Duration: 1hour)

– How to overcome common channeling obstacles when channeling in front of people
– Special Techniques to channel in front of an audience
– Setting up your channeling practice/work

Lesson 5 (Duration: 1hour 30minutes)

– Common Questions and Answers
– Practice Channelings
– Graduation
– Special gift for gratuates

Each Lesson Download Includes:

MP4 Video File
MP3 Audio File
PDF File with Notes

Total of 7hours 20minutes!

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Learn How to Channel Energies of the Highest Light Video Lessons