Learn Easy Magic Tricks – How to Do Magic


learn-easy-magic-headerLearn Easy Magic Tricks – How to Do Magic


How would you like to know how to do some of the BEST magic tricks? I am talking about the one’s that REALLY GET ATTENTION from people!

The ones that show that YOU have the skills as a REAL magician…

Well, the Learn Easy Magic collection has over EIGHTY magic tricks that most professional magicians know and do for their audiences!

The impressive tricks.
The amazing tricks.
The BEST tricks…

Here’s what you get:

The 66-page book, MAGIC WITH MONEY, so you can do amazing magic with just the change in your pocket or from some borrowed money! AMAZING CARD MAGIC, 55 pages of the BEST easy-to-do card magic that you and your friends will LOVE! This is the best way to start learning card magic anywhere.

Want to read minds like Chris Angel or David Blaine? MIND READING MAGIC has 46 pages of some of the BEST mentalism around.

Learn the actual mental magic effects that I personally perform almost every day!

MAGIC WITH EVERYDAY OBJECTS allows you to just walk into a room, pick up anything (like a pen, a napkin, a piece of paper and in a few instances NOTHING AT ALL!!) and entertain the entire room full of people! Wow! 76 pages of powerful magic you CAN do!

And, the special BONUS: THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO MAGIC! (This one book is invaluable in learning magic the easy way.) FIVE books! 243 pages of magic!

You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start learning magic now with Learn Easy Magic.

No matter if you’re a beginner magician or a savvy pro!

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Learn Easy Magic Tricks – How to Do Magic