Learn Chinese Mandarin Language for Kids


Learn Chinese Mandarin Language for Kids


In this age where being competitive is regarded as an indispensable quality, certain skills need to be acquired so that you may survive, and learning a language such as Mandarin is one of them. Although it is hard for parents to imagine teaching this to their children at such an early age, it is a very logical decision as the earlier they start the better.

This really isn’t that hard if your approach is right. First off all you need to shun aside the thing about it being the hardest in the world. This notion originated because of the fact that It really isn’t if use the right tools. There are a few things that you need to keep in your mind before you can decide how you can teach it to your child.

First of all it is best that you use graphical and/or animated methods of instructions, kids learn better this way. Secondly, remember that children learn better by doing (or play), in other words rote repetition and memorization seldom has the desired effect.

Also when teaching children you must not impose any rigid timetable upon them. It is best that you let them be and learn at their own pace. Try to make the over all experience fun for them.

When teaching this to children it is best that you focus straight on the word and not the characters. Making them learn character after character can be a very taxing job while making them learn the words with their meanings in relevant sentences will be something fun.

Teaching it to children today is much simpler today than it was in the days when books, paper and pen were the only means available. With the aid of the right tools kids can attain a greater degree of understanding and perception about the subject. It will save you the trouble of both trying to find a teacher and paying for a recurring fee.

Announcing… Learn Chinese Mandarin Language for Kids

chinese-for-kids-coverThe Learn Chinese Mandarin Language for Kids is split in 2 levels and the material is organized into several categories allowing you to go at your own pace, and learn to your desired level of fluency.

  • LEVEL 1 Basic Lesson (for 3-8 years old)
  • LEVEL 2 Essential Lesson (for 3-8 years old)

They are designed so that they are Easy, Intuitive and Engaging: It is an established fact that tutoring methods that are visual and interactive are far more effective in teaching languages to children than those that use rote memorization and sequential techniques. This software is designed so that your child will have the easiest time learning. In this way learning is made easy for kids and they do not have to struggle with it either.

Lessons in both Simplified and Traditional: It is currently the most popular form among people in mainland China while the Traditional is most popularly used in Taiwan and Hong Kong . This software is designed for teaching both the Traditional and the Simplified forms to your child.

No CD’s required: Download the software straight from the Website. It has never been this easy! You need not pay for expensive CD based packages or have to wait for long times while your CD is delivered.

No fixed course time table: No two persons learn alike. This is why the lessons are designed so that you may go at your own pace. There are 29 different lessons spread out from basic to advanced to assist kids in learning faster.

Learn both Mandarin Chinese and English together: Not only do you get to learn a new language, you also can help your child understand English better. In case you are Chinese speaking and will like to teach English to your children then you can simply switch the medium of instruction.

All lessons are animated and cartoon like: This makes it an even more attractive to learn. Special efforts were made to make the lessons a fun-filled experience rather than something like a dull and boring chore.

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Learn Chinese Mandarin Language for Kids