Lean & Lovely Program – Lean Exercise and Diet


Lean & Lovely Program – Lean Exercise and Diet


Lean & Lovely program helps you lose fat, gain strength, develop confidence and cultivate your radiance–all while maintaining the true essence of your femininity.

Written by a fiercely feminine woman, it is a debut kick-ass training program designed specifically for women.


It is based on short, defined, hyper-efficient workouts that enrich your life instead of consuming it.

FITNESS becomes the foundation for your fulfillment. Everything you think, eat, do, have, want and be.

And the approach is simple and straightforward. Short bursts of muscle exertion. Not complex, long, drawn out, excruciatingly painful sessions.

The great thing is that you can repeat the system as many times as you want. Each time achieving a goal or goals you’ve set, each time further defining who you are and who you want to be in this world.


And here’s what happens next (the really cool part)…

Fitness becomes a part of your identity. It’s not just what you do, it’s WHO YOU ARE. When people see you on the street? You’re going to glow. You’re going to radiate health, strength, beauty, fitness, nutrition, exercise and vitality

You’ll have that outer radiance few people have and everybody wants and admires. Women often tell me they feel “so sexy” inside.

If you think Lean & Lovely is just a workout program, you’re kinda missing the point on why this program is so groundbreaking.

While it’s using fitness as the vehicle for your personal transformation,this program is REALLY about changing your life FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Maybe for the first time you’ll be at peace with yourself. Maybe for the first time you’ll realize how much you’re capable of. Maybe for the first time you’ll realize all the possibility and opportunity within your grasp.

Maybe you want to become a personal trainer…
Maybe you want to start a family…
Maybe you’re a big city girl at heart and want to move…
Maybe you have a New York Times bestselling book in you…
Maybe you’re a career girl and have dreams of breaking multiple glass ceilings…
Maybe you’re an artist and have a talent and a gift you want the world to know about…
Maybe you have an idea and want to turn it into a business…
Maybe you’re an activist and want to not just transform yourself, but transform the world…
Or, maybe you have no idea at all…and the journey is about discovering what sets you on fire…

All this is possible and more. And these truths will be indispensable in supporting you every step of the way.


But there’s so much more: remember, Lean & Lovely Is NOT just a book… It’s a COMPLETE fitness & lifestyle transformation kit …

It is more than just exercise. By following this 12-week program, you will experience a complete transformation, from your body’s physical appearance, to the way you view yourself and your outlook on food.

Using the exact principles from the Lean & Lovely manual, hundreds of women have lost fat and inches, gained confidence and self-worth, and changed their lives forever.


Just twelve weeks from now you’re going to emerge a higher expression of yourself. You will see and feel tremendous changes as they occur throughout the adventure.

People will take notice. That, you can count on.


This program is going to change your body, change your nutritional outlook and change your mindset.


Just 12 short weeks from now, you’ll be looking back today as the start of something amazing. Incredible… Rewarding… Transformational!

You’ll look in the mirror and you’ll barely recognize the person you see smiling back…
You’ll feel different: comfortable and happy in your own skin.
You’ll radiate confidence. You’re self-assured. Sexy.
You’ll feel and look beautiful — inside and out.

It isn’t just an illusion. People… friends, family, colleagues will notice and admire you.

Along the way, no doubt you will have achieved one, two or three personal and professional goals.

You’re strong. Fit. Toned. You are an amazing woman, and you can have amazing results.