Large Amounts of Money are Spent on Reducing Cholesterol


Large Amounts of Money are Spent on Reducing Cholesterol


In the last 10 years, the amount of money spent on investigations to help people combat cholesterol was increased by 350%. With this rise, it is clear that there are more people who need to reduce their cholesterol, and pharmaceutical companies have to spend more to manufacture their medications. The same happens with researchers in an effort to combat serious heart disease. This number includes the investigation on all categories of hyperlipidemia, including high cholesterol and other conditions related to fats.

Medicare beneficiaries represented a 250% increase in the use of astatine to reduce cholesterol between 1996 and 2003. Astatine drugs, such as Lipitor and Zocor are the best sellers when it comes to cholesterol reduction. The issue with most drugs is that hey can produce some serious side effects, from light nausea to muscle pain and kidney failure. Still in 2003, astatine represented 90% of the total of sales of medicine used to treat high cholesterol.

Aiming to reduce cholesterol effectively, most drugs limit their effects to the cholesterol production inside the body. Others are designed to impact cholesterol both absorbed from food and produced by the liver, with the objective of reducing cholesterol in general. To control cholesterol efficiently, it is important to not only focus on LDL cholesterol reduction, but also on the increase of HDL cholesterol. The link between these numbers will have a bigger impact on your effort to reduce overall cholesterol.

There are natural alternatives to reduce cholesterol, which are even more effective than what you might think. A low fat and cholesterol diet, along with the use of certain supplements, can create the same reactions in our bodies that chemical medicine, without the side effects.

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