Lady Golfers Guide Book


Lady Golfers Guide Book


Did you know that women are more flexible than men, have more efficient swings, and are more naturally suited to the game than their male counterparts? That being a fact one has to wonder why they are so intimidated by being on the course or by male players.

Muscle does not make a good swing. Distance alone does not make a good player. Yet this, coupled with a certain arrogance by males on the golf course cause a very high level of intimidation.

It stops here!

Introducing… Lady Golfers Guide Book


This book covers every aspect of the game, from improvement tips and lessons to equipment tips to rules and course management all the way to a large section of golf fitness for women, including Yoga. Every section of the book is fully illustrated, so you know exactly what to do.

It doesn’t matter if you are an established player or a brand new enthusiast looking to build a strong golf foundation, the ebook will guaranteed help you improve. There are no tricks, fluff or gimmicks, only solid information that will improve your physical and mental golfing skills as well as your general knowledge about the game.

You have probably realized this: most, if not all, golf books out there are directed at male players, many of them about how to improve their swing. This doesn’t help us much, hence it was time to create a complete golfing resource for women only.

This publication walks you through everything you ever need to know about the game, from the basics to the very advanced tips and techniques that will give you the total knowledge and confidence to play your best.

What you will learn in Lady Golfers Guide Book:

  • Open your eyes on why women players often feel intimidated on the course or by male players.
  • Give you a rock solid foundation about all aspects of the game, anything you ever need to know.
  • Don’t buy wrong equipment. You’ll learn exactly what you need to look out for when buying clubs.
  • Provide you with fitness tips including a large, fully illustrated chapter on Yoga.
  • Make you a better player by teaching you how to improve virtually every aspect of your game.
  • Plenty of other useful info this is information written by an experienced player.

Here is the basic Table of Contents – the actual TOC has additional sub-sections so you can find specific sections of interest much faster.

Chapter 1 – Page 6-8: Women and Golf
Chapter 2 – Page 9-13: A brief History of Golf
Chapter 3 – Page 14 – 22: Anatomy of a Golf Course
Chapter 4 – Page 23 – 44: Equipment Overview; Page 45 – 53: Purchasing Equipment – What to look out for; Page 54: Care and Maintenance of Clubs; Page 55: What to look for in Golf Shoes
Chapter 5 – Page 57 – 64: basic Rules of the Game
Chapter 6 – Page 65 – 74: Golf How To’s
Chapter 7 – Page 75 – 88: Essential Golf Tips; Page 89 – 131: Extensive Golf Lessons; Page 132 – 154: Advanced Golf Shots and Trouble Shooting; Page 155 – 164: Golf Game Tactics
Chapter 8 – Page 165 – 172: Fitness Tips; Page 173 – 195: Improve your Golf with Yoga; Page 196 – 197: Kids and Golf; Page 198 – 222: Glossary

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Lady Golfers Guide Book