Koi Fish For Beginners Pond Guide


koi-fish-for-beginners-headerKoi Fish For Beginners Pond Guide


With this book you can get started in this wonderful hobby the right way…

It’s perfect for the beginner, although the truth is most “experts” don’t know half of what’s covered in this easy to read, step-by-step, comprehensive book.

Introducing… Koi Fish For Beginners Pond Guide


You’re About To Discover…

  • How to get started the right way the first time! Yes! Caring for a pool and its-fish is different than freshwater and even saltwater fish.
  • How to save money by knowing the right questions to ask, and knowing what you do and don’t need.
  • How to create the perfect pool that is not only hugely satisfying to create, but provides many years of enjoyment.
  • How to easily maintain and correctly care for it. They thrive when the pond-conditions are “just right”…
  • And much, much more!

Finally! Your questions answered, the jargon demystified, the complex tasks made simple, quick, cheap and painless…

The information in this manual is an absolute “must have” for starters and will also benefit anybody who already owns a pool and wants to ensure that they have the best environment for it.

This information is laid out in a way that’s easy to understand, easy to use and even easier to put into action right away.

Just follow the process laid out in this book and soon you’ll be well on your way to having the perfect pool you’ve always wanted!

From the outside, pools can look like a hobby requiring a large skill set… planning and building the pool, filtration and aeration of the water, ph levels, water temperature, diseases…

With The Right Information You Can Make It Happen… Within Your Budget, Timeline And Space Available!

What better way to relax after a day at work than sitting on a bench next to your fabulous pool.

You don’t have to be good with your hands to create your own perfect pool.

What you do need is the right information, laid out in the right way, so that you can make the right decisions that lead to your pool being created in the correct sequence from the start to the finish.

Once you have all of this in your hands, it’s only a matter of time until you’re sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying your dream pool!

With this book you absolutely can. You deserve to have the pool of your dreams… Think of all the family, friends and children that will share your enjoyment as you feed them out of your hand, as the water gently flows over the waterfall you have created.

For the first time ever, there is a complete and easy to use resource available to show you exactly how to do this. What’s more, you can use the information in Koi Fish For Beginners Pond Guide to help others with their pools.

Up until now, there simply haven’t been any good specialized resources available to teach you the short cuts, tips and tricks to creating your dream pool in the space, time and budget you have available…

Now, everything is different. The situation has changed dramatically. You don’t have to live through the painful process of dealing with the inexperienced sales person at your local pet shop, or sifting through 10 books to find some information, or surfing the internet for hours on end for answers… because the amazing resource you need is right here, right now, and it’s incredibly easy to own and use.

Inside the Koi Fish For Beginners Pond Guide you will find a complete collection of all the specialized information you need:

  • How to quickly and easily get started with your dream pool… Explained in a step-by-step format.
  • How to avoid the common novice mistakes and what to look for… Planning to save time, money and frustration.
  • How to create a functional pool… clever ideas and useful tips for optimizing the environment.
  • How to maintain quality conditions in your pool and quickly deal with sick fish yourself…

This is just a small sampling of the vital step-by-step information available. “Koi Fish For Beginners – Koi Pond Guide has the unique information and ideas you need to create that pool of your dreams!

Don’t waste another minute, get started on planning your dream pool today!

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Koi Fish For Beginners – Koi Pond Guide