Knowing the Right Laptop Repair Tricks Can Help Optimize Computer


Knowing the Right Laptop Repair Tricks Can Help Optimize Computer

By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy


So what’s the secret behind successful laptop repair? One thing that’s absolutely true about most PC users is that they tend to acquire a degree of competence with their PC that is directly proportional to the number of years that they use the device. Most PC users who have used a PC for some years are perfectly capable of handling most of the minor issues that arise with the PC.

They would never think of calling in a technician to handle some minor problem that they can easily handle themselves. Sadly enough, this level of competence is not seen to extend to laptop users. Even a person who has used a laptop for some years will hesitate over trying to repair some minor problem such as a crashed hard drive himself. But there is really no need for this hesitancy, since both laptop and PCs work on essentially the same principles.

One of the simplest issues that can arise with a laptop is a simple degradation of performance, and this is something that absolutely does not require professional laptop repair. If this happens to your laptop, the chances are that your operating system’s registry is too full. The registry of your operating system is a place where every program that you install on your computer makes an entry. These entries remain even after you uninstall the programs, and, as your operating system tends to load all these entries into memory at startup, useless entries for programs you have already uninstalled can serious degrade performance.

There are many ways to handle this issue. There are, for example many registry cleaners and programs for optimizing your system on the market today. But preferable to any of these is a simple reinstall of your operating system. There is no need to format your hard drive when you reinstall your operating system. A simple reinstall without formatting your drive is quite adequate to clean your registry.

Another issue that can arise with a laptop is a virus infection. Like an overloaded registry, a virus infection is best handled by a simple re-install of the operating system. Yes, there are many good anti-viruses on the market today, but most antivirus software is better used in a preventive capacity, that is, you use it to prevent your system from acquiring a virus in the first place. If your system has already acquired a virus, your best course of action is to simply reinstall the operating system, and then to reinstall your antivirus software and update it before you install any other program. As you can see, laptop repair can sometimes be a matter of software, rather than hardware.

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