Kindle eBook Format Software


Kindle eBook Format Software


Sales of Kindle Books Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Amazon sells millions of new Kindles every quarter. And every one of those millions and millions of owners are hungry for books. For that reason, they now outsell physical books and experts predict that this trend will continue indefinitely.

In fact, a number of authors no longer publish physical books. Why? It can cost thousands of dollars to publish a physical book, but you can publish a Kindle book absolutely free.

But There Is A Problem

Getting the formatting right is quite difficult and the instructions are really confusing! No kidding. There are 291 pages of formatting questions on Community website. That works out to over 4,000 posts on how to format a Kindle book.

An author wanted to include a linked table of contents in her book and thought it would an easy matter. After spending a day and a half of doing research on Amazon’s and other sites, she still couldn’t get the table of contents to work properly. Amazon’s site recommends including things like ncx files, opf files, and html. But most people have no idea what those things are. As a result, most people just give up or upload their Kindle book with improper formatting. And a poorly formatted book will almost always result in terrible customer reviews and very few sales.

The other alternative is to use a service to format your book. But the prices that these services charge are outrageous. Some of them charge several hundred dollars to format a single book! And most new authors don’t want to risk that kind of money when they have no idea whether their book will sell or not. So what’s a writer to do?

The Quick Easy And Affordable Solution

This software program automatically takes care of all the formatting. The software is called ‘Ebook Format Wizard’. It is the quickest, easiest, and best way to properly format your book.

Creating a properly formatted book can be a time consuming process. But when using this tool, you won’t have to worry about that. It handles all the formatting for you automatically.


Want a Linked Table of Contents?

This Kindle eBook Format Software will create a table of contents that links to your chapter content at the click of a button. Forget those aggravating, complicated, and confusing directions that take hours to figure out. It will add your linkable table of contents in less than a second. And there is nothing to figure out… just click the button! This feature alone will save you tons of time.

Paragraph Formatting With Just A few Clicks

Want your paragraphs indented? It  takes care of it with a single click. How about separating each paragraph with a space? You guessed it – just 1 click.

Content looks better if each paragraph is indented. But what if the paragraphs in your manuscript are separated with a blank line? Using traditional methods, you would have to go through your manuscript and indent each paragraph, then go through it again and delete all of those blank lines. Needless to say, this could take you hours of tedious work.

But with this tool, you determine the type of paragraph spacing you want and click on the button. If your manuscript uses blank line paragraph spacing and you want to use indented paragraphs, This Kindle eBook Format Software will get rid of those blank lines and format your manuscript with perfectly indented paragraphs, regardless of how your manuscript is formatted. It is that easy!

Kindle eBook Format Software Does All This and More

* Create a linked Table Of Contents with just 1 click
* Eliminate unexpected page breaks
* Handles Bullets with no problem
* Choose left indented paragraphs at the click of a button
* Easily add images to your content
* Works great with Kindle’s “Go to function” for the cover, title page, table of contents, and individual chapters (if using a TOC)
* Easily upload content using doc files, docx files, and even text (.txt) files
* Privacy – Your Kindle book files remain on your computer until you upoload them to Amazon
* Fast – Prepare your entire Kindle book in just minutes
* Ebook Format Wizard is the Quickest, Easiest, and BEST way to format your Kindle books

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Kindle eBook Format Software