Killer Stand-up Online Course – Stand Up Comedy Fast Start Guide


Killer Stand-up Online Course – Stand Up Comedy Fast Start Guide



Are you one of those people who has a well developed sense of humor and can seem to make friends, family and people you meet laugh without even trying?

Then the chances are pretty good that you have considered taking a shot at stand-up comedy.

If that describes you…

You may want to take a close look at 5 free online stand-up comedy lessons that are available for your review:

Note: No email address is required to review those lessons which are detailed and packed with information.

So, if you are one of those folks who hears this often from others you know and meet:

“You should really think about becoming a comedian”…

Take a few minutes and check out those online stand-up comedy lessons.

The lessons in the Killer Stand-up Online Course represents a largely unique and compact representation of the information provided in the Interactive Guides, along with a substantial amount of new content that is not provided in the Interactive Guides.

It consists of 8 Core Training Modules comprised of 28 lessons which have one primary objective, which is:

Provide talented individuals with a proven, start to finish process for developing and delivering headline level stand-up comedy material in the shortest time possible.

What makes this course unique and powerful is that it is designed to show individuals how to easily recognize, apply and structure the sense of humor and natural comedy talent they already have in order to get the laughter results they want on the stand-up comedy stage.

It is based on two detailed and comprehensive reference resources (over 550 print ready pages) that are available to all Members — the Interactive Writing Guide and the Interactive Performing Guide.

These expansive guides are designed specifically to show talented individuals simple steps for quickly building a high impact stand-up comedy act from ideas, observations, experiences, etc. all the way through the professional delivery of that act — using unconventional yet proven tactics and strategies that are highly effective.

These guides are the primary reference resources for the lesson content provided in the Online Course Training Modules.

Killer Stand-up Online Course – Stand Up Comedy Fast Start Guide