Kettlebell Fitness Boot Camp Training Workouts Guide & Videos


kettlebell-boot-camp-workouts-headerKettlebell Fitness Boot Camp Training Workouts Guide & Videos

You want more clients, and your competitors are looking to crush your business. How do you build a fitness business where everyone wants to come and train with you and where competition is a non-issue?

There’s only one thing your clients really want – and that’s results. And if you can deliver the fat-burning, muscle-building and conditioning results that your clients want, then your boot camps and training sessions will always be packed and profitable.

It’s a pretty simple formula…

Fun Training Sessions + Great Results = Happy Clients = A Thriving Business for You

You’ve probably tried out plenty of training techniques, including the “tried and true” weight training. But your clients want more and they’re constantly on the look out for the next best thing.

They want something different. And if you don’t provide it for them, they’ll find someone else who will.

The good news is that your answer is on this page…

The World’s Most Elite Militaries Use Kettlebells to Whip Their Soldiers Into Shape –Just Imagine What They’ll Do For YOUR Clients (And You)!

Once you start using our proven strategies, your clients are going to start getting fantastic results. They’ll eagerly join every program you offer. And they’ll tell their friends that you’re the one responsible for their new leaner bodies…

End result?

Get ready for an overflowing fitness bootcamp with more paying clients than you ever dreamed possible!

Here is the bottom line. The popularity of KB training is spreading rapidly. Most of your training clients at least know what KBs are. And a lot of trainers are ATTEMPTING to use them in their boot camps. But most are not able to do it successfully.

You’ll be able to position yourself as the go-to camp in your area. And carving out a niche/specialty for yourself like this is one of the fastest ways to build your business.

Introducing… Kettlebell Fitness Boot Camp Training Workouts Guide & Videos

You Get Everything You Need to Get Fantastic Fat-Burning and Conditioning Results for Your Fitness Bootcamp and Personal-Training Clients (And for Yourself)!

This fully illustrated guide and video training package takes all the guesswork. This truly is “plug and play” system, no matter what type of experience you have or what types of people you’re training.

Just look at what you get instant access to when you order now…

42 Complete “Done for You” Kettlebell Workouts – No More Getting Bored!

Never again will your clients get bored and drop out of your training program. This keeps your bootcamps and other training programs packed, fun and profitable!

These KB boot camp workouts are designed with two VERY important things in mind:

1) They can be done with just a few KB – so you can get all the benefits that KB training can bring to your boot camp WITHOUT having to go out and spend a fortune on dozens of KB’s for your campers

2) They use cool and unique KB exercises – but they are also not overly technical, so even if your KB teaching experience is limited, you can feel comfortable leading your clients through these workouts.

You Can Target the Workouts to Your Clients’ Needs!

The best way to deliver fantastic results to your clients is by putting them through the workouts that they need the most. Whether your clients want to burn fat, improve their condition, gain strength, build muscle or boost endurance, you’ll find plenty of KB exercises to match their needs.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the workouts and videos you’re about to discover:

KB + Bodyweight
Strength and Conditioning
Circuit Style
Beach Body Arms
High Intensity Bodyweight Cardio
Upper Body Attack
Lower Body Annihilation
Quick Do-Anywhere Bodyweight
Epic Challenge
Beat the Clock
Metabolic Depletion
KB Swing
The “I Can’t Feel My Hands”
Single KB
Get Smoked and Jacked
The “Go Heavy or Go Home”
The “Animals”

… plus 80 other muscle-building, fat-burning and conditioning workouts to give your bootcamp clients the bodies, strength and endurance they’ve always wanted!

You Get a Fully Illustrated Training Guide – This Removes the Guesswork!

Not only does this guide include complete workouts, but it also includes instructions and illustrations for the dozens of exercises. No more guessing about proper form. You can even print this guide and bring it with you to your bootcamps or other training sessions!

You Get Access to the Video Library to Teach Your Clients Proper Form!

These training videos demonstrate the proper form and technique for the most popular exercises, which ensures your clients stay safe and get great results. You’ll find gym videos for the following exercises:

Two-hand swing
One-hand swing
Hand-to-hand swing
½ Turkish get up
Turkish get up
Goblet squat

That’s just for starters – we’ll be adding more videos over time. And when you order today, you’re guaranteed on-going access to the video library, which you’ll want to reference again and again. You can even reference these videos on your smart phone, tablet or laptop at the gym!

In short…

This Package Includes Everything You Need to Train Your Clients and Build a Thriving Bootcamp Using These Wildly Popular and Surefire KB Training Strategies!

Everyone is talking about and using kettlebells, and now you can take advantage of their surge in popularity by creating bootcamps and other training programs based around it. Your clients will love their results – and you can bet your business will thrive with packed and profitable bootcamps!

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Kettlebell Fitness Boot Camp Training Workouts Guide & Videos