Kadochnikov System Hand to Hand Combat Russian Martial Art Course


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Kadochnikov System Hand to Hand Combat Russian Martial Art Course


Do you know that using the secrets of this system you will be able to win against any rival using just 25% of your strength?

“How To Get An Invisible Weapon, Which You Can’t Find Until It Is Used And Which You Can’t Take Away Until A Man It Belongs To Is Alive, By

Learning The Secrets Of This Self-Defense And Hand-To-Hand Fighting System…”

You have already heard that a weak man can win against a strong one by using the strength of the latter against himself. But nobody has explained clearly how it happens in real life, as well as prove that the use of 25% of one’s strength is the most optimal algorithm for your actions. We are ready to explain this concept and prove its efficiency and necessity, scientifically. And what is more important, we will teach you how to apply it in practice! In any situation. In any conditions. With one or several rivals.

For the first time we reveal many secrets of our technique – the key points, which will help you to avoid some “pitfalls” and let you learn the teaching material without anybody’s help. This is our first official teaching video course in English. It aims at complex mastering of the personal safety technique and the hand-to-hand fighting system.

Introducing… Kadochnikov System Hand to Hand Combat Russian Martial Art Course

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What Can This Course Give to You Personally?

– The opportunity to learn on your own, the system according to which the staff of the best special intelligence services of the entire world have studied. Your tutor will be the author of the system. He will share with you his unique experience step by step and reveal such secrets which many experts dream of.
– The skills are based on the best modern scientific knowledge and the secrets of using the resources of one’s subconscious mind, to manage your body masterly in any situation.
– You’ll find out how to use the trinity of forces- physical, spiritual and intellectual- in order to apply only 25% of your potential during the fight. This will be enough to win against any rival. Learning this secret, even a physically weak, ill or injured person can win against a stronger rival.
– After studying this course there will be no secrets for you in the area of self-defense. You will know for sure what to do if somebody attacks you without a weapon, or with it. The success will depend on your skills only – regular work at their development and forming your own style. You’ll understand in practice the truth of the expression “knowledge is power”.
– You will learn the main secret of a human’s ability to survive – ability to withstand the influence of the negative forces, as well as to keep and restore (completely or partially) one’s fighting qualities.
– You will acquire a skill of resolving numerous situational tasks in extreme conditions.
– You will learn how to save energy, as well as how to apply minimal force in the right direction and at the right time.
– You will learn the secret of how to win against a stronger and faster rival or several rivals, by minimizing their force impact using the minimum of one’s energy.
– You will learn the most rational and effective ways of physically impacting on a person; tactical and special psychological methods, contributing to the efficiency of their usage and energy saving.
– You will learn in practice how to use one of the main principles of our system: a rival has a prior advantage over you; he or she is physically stronger and faster than you are; or there may be several rivals.
– You will learn how to use in hand-to-hand fighting the laws of psychobiomechanics, both intuitively and consciously.
– You will know how to act in a right way, for example, in unpredictable situation, when there is no time for thinking your actions over and you have no right for a mistake. You will be able to analyze difficult situations promptly and take the only right decision.
– You will learn the secrets of outer force impact on a person.
– You will learn how to fight under any conditions: during the day time or at night; in summer or in winter; on a slippery ground when it’s raining or on shifting sands; in the forest; in a narrow elevator cab, on an airliner or in a car.
– You will learn how to build psychobiomechanical models in order to get better results when resolving various tasks in hand-to-hand fighting, as well as how to manage this work with minimal use of one’s energy.
– You will learn different ways of impact on a rival, according to the scheme: ”The system of control-putting objects under control”.

This Is What You Will Get By Training Our System of Hand-to-Hand Fighting and Private Safety Technique:

– You will learn the art of hand-to-hand fighting. But that is not all. The real specialist in our system should have many other additional qualities: high morality and spirituality; a person should keep the traditions of their ancestors; a person should have a strong will; he or she should be ready to sacrifice their life to the benefit of one’s faith and motherland.
– Masterful management of one’s body. Our methodology has no counterparts throughout the world. It is based on the works of the Russian scientists, members of the Academy of scientists-A. Anohin and N. Bernstein, as well as long research work on the usage of the system in various extreme situations.
– The skill of usage just 25% of one’s strength in any fight, without losing in efficiency and quality of one’s work. I think you understand that with this minimal use of energy you will be able to work much longer, than any of your rivals.
– Secret methods of the elite Special Forces fighters hand-to-hand fighting training;
– The art of minimizing any force impact, regardless of your rivals’ strength and speed;
– The art of controlling a rival in different situations based on psychobiomechanical modeling;
– The hand-to-hand fighting technique, which can be used under any climatic and situational condition: During the day or at night; in summer or in winter; on the slippery ground when it’s raining or shifting sands; in the forest; in a narrow elevator cab, on an airliner or in a car;
– The tactic skill of acting correctly and efficiently in any conditions. You will be able to analyze difficult situations and take the right decisions promptly;
– Psychal and spiritual stability that will help you to apply one’s knowledge and skills in a right way;
– And this is far from all…

Hand-to-hand fighting and the private safety technique shouldn’t become your goal in itself. It’s just a means of achieving such goal as preserving one’s life in extreme conditions, including the real fight with a rival.

You should know and be able to do in order to foresee; you should foresee in order to avoid and act – this is the motto of our system. The style of the system is influenced by real life.

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Kadochnikov System Hand to Hand Combat Russian Martial Art Course