Junk Removal Profits Video Course: Foreclosure Cleanouts Business




Junk Removal Profits Video Course: Foreclosure Cleanouts Business


If you want to start your own junk removal business… and create an income stream you can rely on even during tough economic times… then this information will show you how.

Introducing… Junk Removal Profits Video Course: Foreclosure Cleanouts Business


Here are just a few reasons it’s so great:

* It’s the easiest type of business to start up… almost no overhead.
* You can earn $80/hour net or more and often get paid in cash and never any credit card fees to have to deal with.
* You can run it in any part of the country.

And so on. Simply put, taking other people’s trash and turning it into cash is one of the best businesses out there.

Here’s The Deal…

The strategies in Junk Removal Profits Video Course: Foreclosure Cleanouts Business are simple, they work, and they will make you a lot of money if you simply do what the course tell you.

Anyone can do this.

There are going to be thousands of these foreclosures coming onto the market, because it’s going to be a long time before the housing market begins to recover.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In “Junk Removal Profits Video Course: Foreclosure Cleanouts Business”:

You are going to get a video course on how start your own junk removal business.

It’s broken up into eight modules:

Module 1: An Overview

In this module you’ll learn what you can do to right away to get your business launched. You’ll also get better acquainted with me and hear more of my story.

You’ll learn:

  • 8 things to do first when starting your junk removal business (focus on these first and you’ll quickly have positive cash flow).
  • How to get started if you don’t own your own truck yet.
  • What you must set up so it is protected from the beginning (it’s very inexpensive and you’ll know the website where you can set it up in a few minutes).
  • How to research prices of junk removal in your area so that your business remains competitive yet you always have positive cash flow.
  • The best ways to find out where scrap metal, landfills and donation centers are in your area.
  • Where to get logos, business cards and other printed materials for almost no cost.
  • How to dress so that you look professional to customers but can also work comfortably.
  • The #1 thing you should do ASAP to make customers trust you (most people overlook this and leave money on the table).

Module 2: Getting Customers

Even if you’ve never taken a business or marketing class, you’ll be able to market your junk removal business by following the tips in this module. You’ll learn:

  • The best “shotgun” method for getting your first jobs right away (sometimes as soon as within the first 48 hours).
  • Ways to turn your truck into a moving billboard.
  • The best “sniper” method for targeting people you know are in the market for your services
  • How to post Craigslist ads in a way that won’t take a lot of your time and will attract the right customers.
  • Ways to set up a website with proper SEO and a lot of free support (do this right and you’ll never have to use Craigslist).
  • The local directories where you should be sure to list your website for maximum exposure.

Module 3: Foreclosure Cleanouts

Foreclosures were the bread and butter of my business at the beginning before I diversified. You can also use these trash outs to jump start your business. You” discover:

  • How to find Realtors in your area that specialize in foreclosures.
  • The type of Realtor to avoid (plus the question you can ask up front so you can find out if you should avoid them).
  • The most effective way to contact the Realtors so that they will notice you and want to hire you.
  • The type of insurance you need so that Realtors will be willing to work with you (don’t worry, it’s not expensive).
  • Two extra services you can offer to the Realtors that take you almost no time but help you stand out from the crowd.

Module 4: People Moving In and Out

People are moving in and out of homes and rental units all throughout the year. This is a potential huge source for you and a good place to start building your client base, so be sure to pay close attention to this module.

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 types of owners to start networking with in your local area right away.
  • Where to find local meetings and other local networking opportunities.
  • The one type of owner who potentially could send you so much work you could focus you entire business around it (this tip alone is worth the price of this course!).

Module 5: Working With Remodelers

Contractors who remodel homes are usually more than happy to hire someone to haul away their junk.

You don’t want to approach just any contractor, however, because you’ll waste a lot of time and money contacting the wrong ones. In this module I talk all about:

  • The 3 best remodelers to work with and easy ways to find them.
  • Which remodelers to avoid and how to screen potential clients.

Module 6: Keeping Records

You don’t have to be a math genius to properly keep records for your business.

When you use the right system and track the right expenses from the very beginning, you’ll never have any worries at tax time and won’t have to scramble to find the right paperwork for your accountant.

You’ll learn:

  • An almost effortless way to track your income and expenses.
  • The #1 mistake you DON’T want to make when managing your finances.
  • Why you don’t want to record your expenses and income on a daily basis (it sounds strange but it will end up saving you money and keeps you on a realistic budget).
  • How to keep an organized jobs schedule so you don’t overbook.
  • How to create a “virtual file cabinet” using Quickbooks (no more overlooked invoices or lost documents ever again).

Module 7: Final word/ Putting it all together

This covers:

  • Which 3 marketing techniques to focus on (this is huge – if focused just on these 3 marketing techniques when starting out you’ll have your first clients in no time).
  • The most important thing you can do for your clients to almost guarantee they give you repeat business and send other customers your way.
  • Recommended books and resources.

You can also build relationships with other owners in the forum and find support and positive advice from like-minded people.

Here’s Everything You Get

* Instant access to all 7 training modules. You don’t have to download the videos, they will be available instantly. You can watch them from any computer.
* Personal one-on-one coaching via email.
* One 20 minute session on Skype.
* Lifetime updates.

Reasons This Is A No-Brainer

If any single one of the dozens of tips in this course lead to just one customer, then your investment in this tutorial will have more than paid for itself.

But it won’t be just one customer.

Because once you get one customer, it just keeps snowballing. Before you know it you’ll be dominating your competition and making a lot of money.

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Junk Removal Profits Video Course: Foreclosure Cleanouts Business