Jon Boat – Can You Really Design One?


Jon Boat – Can You Really Design One?


A Jon boat is one of the most popular boats in the industry today. These are some of least expensive boats to buy and even less expensive to build and design yourself. They’re also easy to maintain. The popularity of these boats is most prominent in the fishing industry; however, nowadays they are being used for parties and fun times out in the water.

The design of the boat is pretty simple and constructing one yourself would be a piece of cake. Most designs shows that these boats are most noticeable by their flat decks and railing circling the body for the safety of its inhabitants. Placing these railings will protect people from falling over into the water. Also a Jon boat is known for having seats that are properly arranged alongside the railing. This is a very useful addition for fishing and also having plenty room to sit and enjoy the ride. And if you’re really looking to glamorize the boat, it could be designed to house a tent or canopy for shading or maybe even a miniature size cabin as a restroom.

When designing and building one of these specially constructed boats the sky is the limit because they can be built in various shapes and sizes. Whatever the case may be, one thing’s for certain, the design of a Jon boat makes it highly unlike of capsizing or sinking. This makes idea for parties and the reason why so many people are classifying it as a party boat.

And finally, the boat is designed and constructed of pontoons. The pontoons and flat deck makes your construction cost very minimal and less expensive. This is main reason why design and building this type of boat a dream come true.

A basic construction design of the boat will consist of the floating deck equipped with the railings and you’ll be left with adding the other facilities.

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