Jazz Booking Guide – Fastest Way to Get Jazz Gigs


Jazz Booking Guide – Fastest Way to Get Jazz Gigs


You know that getting ahead as a jazz musicians is just as much about who you know as how you play. But that’s not all…

As a jazz musician you also need to know the best method and techniques for getting gigs. There is a way of building your career as a musician without cold calls and wasting your time emailing only to be constantly rejected.

In order to be one of the top players on the international jazz scene you need contacts and a proven method for getting gigs.


It is designed especially for players like you. It’s a comprehensive guide to getting gigs and includes personal list of over 9,000 jazz festival, jazz promoter, jazz club and jazz agent contacts. That’s names, telephone numbers, email addresses, the lot.

The Jazz Booking Guide includes:

2,700 jazz festival contacts
2,200 jazz promoter contacts
3,000 jazz promoter contacts
54 page Jazz Booking Guide e-book
Template emails and contracts

You’ll learn:

Why 95% of all press packs sent to jazz promoters are disregarded.
Why contacts on their own aren’t good enough.
Why 20% of the jazz musicians get 80% of the gigs.
How using Google Ads increased one jazz musicians income by 150%.
How to use Parkinson’s Law to get more bookings in less time.
How to get gigs while you sleep through the use of outsourcing.
How to increase your return on time and investment when dealing with jazz promoters.

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