Is it Easy to Create a Boat Design?


Is it Easy to Create a Boat Design?


Designing a boat is not easy. It includes different stages and levels to build a boat. A boat design having a circular bottom is tough to build than a curved bottom boat.

When you create a boat design the foremost thing you consider is its hull. 3D software will guide and help you in this regard. When you design with this software the hull will fall into the right place otherwise the computer will reject the same as a faulty design, if any miscalculation is detected.

There is nothing magical about designing a boat; all that you have to do is collect the right materials such as wood, nails, epoxy and relevant gadgets to get going. The software will guide you in each step how to build your boat. As ship designs are becoming more complex, the design tools are also coping with it. Preferably one should hand draw designs for small boats and use 3D boat design for complicated designs so the process is easier.

If at all you need to use software than to start with the boat draw the design in 2D and thereafter you can specify the dimensions which the software will accept and give you a 3D model. After creating the model, you can easily manipulate specific requirements and modify the design. Many software packages will notify you in the screen if your additions and deletions in the design will affect the main feature of the boat.

Therefore making an addition or deletion the fundamentals of the boat design should not be changed. It includes:

To develop an object that is flexible and easy to float.
The hydrostatic calculations
System of control points
Bonding of surface and gaps with epoxy
Resistance calculations including the Delft series and KAPER resistance.

These boat design software packages are easily compatible to Windows 8, 2000, XP and ME PC’s with 550 MHz, CPU 128MB RAM and a suitable graphic card. The software can be downloaded online and also provide regular updates.

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