Invisible Leads For Real Estate Investors Book


Invisible Leads For Real Estate Investors Book


Could you imagine getting access to the most comprehensive, accurate and current database of tax delinquent properties, foreclosures, probate, divorces, eviction courts in any county you want—ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY!? These leads are sitting there right in your backyard and MOST people don’t even know they exists.

Best part is you can do this from the comfort of your own home, wouldn’t that be great? Finally an easy, low cost—and in some cases NO-cost strategy to explode your real estate business….. anywhere, every time…

This is the most complete guide you’ll read about acquiring real estate leads through public records requests, and trust me when I say I’ve read almost every book and piece of information out there and the information is not even close to what it’s included in this system.

The methods, tips and techniques are so powerful that each time a close friend of mine tells me he or she needs some good quality leads I give them a copy of this course without hesitation, because it truly works!

You don’t need anything special or expensive if you learn how to target the source of the leads. If you deploy these simple techniques, you will never have to worry about leads anymore. That’s why this is very important. If you like what you have read so far then keep reading, it gets even better.

Here’s another truth you should consider:

Anyone Can Do It, But Few know HOW To Do It.

You just have to decide. At this point you have two options:

– Continue dealing with your business issues that result from using traditional leads sources only to keep experiencing that exhausting and unbearable failure rate for the rest of your business life.


Take control now and learn how to find these invisible leads on your own, with simple, easy and effective methods and techniques that can literally turn your business around.

Whether you are new to investing or real estate in general, or you have already done hundreds of deals, you owe it to yourself to learn this strategy. It doesn’t matter where you are in the country – these techniques can be used anywhere, in all markets, in all cities!

This system provides continuous profit because leads are so abundant.

Introducing… Invisible Leads For Real Estate Investors Book


WARNING: You Need To Know What This System is NOT:

  • You will not be learning how to buy inaccurate, incomplete leads from list brokers
  • You will not be scouring craigslist to send “FSBOs” unsolicited emails
  • You will not be “door knocking” and asking if homeowners want to sell their house
  • You will not be creating complicated websites “hoping and praying” potential leads find it and enter their information

Now let’s see a small preview of what you’ll learn inside:

· Understanding why these leads are invisible to the average person.
· How to identify the exact type of leads you want (Plus, where you can get them)
· The most common mistakes & how to avoid them (so that you can dominate your local market)
· Increase your success rate by using hard earned tips, from an insider who is in the trenches every day.
· The most common laws applicable to your strategy
· Drafting requests at home, and the most effective avenues for success.
· How Amateurs can get burned by buying inferior leads from third parties
· How to create unlimited leads, evolved from years of experience
· Massive amounts of leads that few others are pursuing (Unless they already bought this course!)
· Get the leads you want, NOW.
· Pure, unaltered leads.
· You don’t need a website or even need to know much about technology to successfully acquire these leads
· You can finally forget about the old “guru” methods that teach people to buy leads from “list brokers”
· Leads so valuable that you could make a business selling them to other investors or Realtors
· What sophisticated real estate professionals do to get their leads
· How you can even get FREE LEADS! · Discover profits that are hidden in your own back yard

Who Should NOT Buy This Course:

• People who are comfortable buying inaccurate, incomplete leads from list brokers
• People who have explored their local public records offices and already get their data from public records requests
• People who are “data hoarders” (those who buy up all the E-Courses they can, but who never read or do anything with the data)
• People who are too lazy to use the information in this book to improve their real estate business.

You should only buy this course if you want:

• Step-by-Step instructions on how to get MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF LEADs
• Access to all of our INSIDERS ADVICE
• Creating Simple Systems to “Scrape” public records for FREE LEADS
• All you need–including Letter Templates for your immediate use!!
• PLUS, You will receive 6 pre-formatted Public Records Requests for your immediate use and deployment!!!

Here is just a little bit more of what you will learn!

· A Step by Step strategy that will help you build a successful lead-acquisition strategy—allowing you alone to see these invisible leads
· Exactly how to get started and know what pitfalls to avoid—directly from a government insider
· The secrets of getting a flood of leads coming to you
· Quietly and secretly get hold of some of the most valuable leads—without any other investors being aware of your sneaky tricks!
· How to build effective systems in place so your leads continue to arrive on a regular basis
· Generate massive numbers of leads with techniques that actually work· Get every necessary detail on any property!· Get leads other investors only dream of having
· This is a hot strategy that so far, only a handful of people have discovered Buying leads from so called “information brokers” is outdated and you are counting on the accuracy of someone else’s data. (Why do that when you can go straight to the source!)
· Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts By Targeting the Best Leads!
· Execute a Massive Lead Acquisition Strategy
· Multiply the opportunities available to you
· Monetize hidden areas of your real estate business by creating your own new products—and sell them for profit!

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Invisible Leads For Real Estate Investors Book