Instant Event Fundraising System & Project Planner


Instant Event Fundraising System & Project Planner


Turns ANY event into a MASSIVE MONEY MAKER for your school, club or community organization!

Discover the Secrets to Earning Thousands of Dollars with Virtually ANY Fundraising Event!

Introducing… The Instant Event Fundraising System



The only one of its kind … developed through 30 years of hands-on experience with hundreds of community organizations of all types.

Learn from an expert as he reveals secrets observed over nearly 3 decades of putting on fundraising events for school and community groups.

Here are just a few of the breakthrough strategies you’ll discover :

+ The ONE thing you can add immediately to your next event that puts another $2,000 (or more) into your fundraising account
+ How to get maximum exposure for your event on a shoestring budget
+ The single biggest mistake people make with their events that causes them to fall far short of their fundraising potential
+ How a “Celebrity Pledge Drive” component can be added to virtually ANY fundraising event (easily raising thousands of extra dollars for your group)
+ How to get tons of publicity for your next event … FREE!
+ The two ways a “V.I.P.” ticket can be used to earn a mountain of extra money
+ The “Treasure Chest” strategy that you simply cannot afford to ignore (doing so is literally COSTING you money)
+ How to get hundreds of volunteers eagerly rushing to promote your event for you
+ The unbelievable “FREE TICKET” strategy … how to leverage it into “full houses” yielding thousands of dollars
+ How to get paid to print your tickets
+ How to almost instantly expand your market to double or more for your event
+ The RIGHT way to approach businesses for their support of your event ( 99% of groups get this all wrong and it’s costing them thousands of dollars )
+ Never pay for newspaper advertising again once you discover the breakthrough techniques that get you all kinds of FREE media coverage

In addition to giving you the proven tools, techniques and strategies which will ensure that your event is well-promoted, well-attended and a huge financial success, it also features an amazing array of fill-in-the-blanks “Magic Templates” that provide you with a ready-made, step-by-step project plan you can INSTANTLY and EASILY apply to ANY of your fundraising events.

An incredibly complete set of organizing and stay-on-track resources that smoothly guide you – start to finish – through your entire event.

Who should invest in the Instant Event Fundraising System???

– anyone responsible for organizing an event fundraiser that absolutely MUST make $$$
– anyone that wants to see their fundraising results increase dramatically
– anyone who realizes that just 1 or 2 new strategies gleaned from this system can immediately add thousands of dollars to your bottom line


Instant Event Fundraising System & Project Planner