Instant Credit Repair System: DIY Guide


Instant Credit Repair System: DIY Guide


DIY Instant Credit Repair System Deletes Inquiries, Charge-Offs, Late Payments, and Judgments From Your Credit Report!

Do you want to repair bad credit? Were you recently denied a mortgage, a car loan, or perhaps even a job opportunity?

If you listen to information from the credit bureaus, and the “financial advisors” in their pockets, you’ll hear that there’s nothing to be done to remedy it except live with it for 5 – 10 years while you slowly rebuild it. Other well-meaning people who have been burned by crooks say that anyone who promises instant credit repair must be running a scam.

This system matches specific situations that lower your credit score with tailored letters written by an attorney to fix that specific situation. It has proved over 99.6% effective for our clients over the last 8 years.

Better Credit Leads To Better Lives

What’s the number one reason people get divorced? Money. Even many happily married people slave away at jobs they hate, give themselves heart attacks, and work themselves to death trying to provide safety and security for their family.

The average person with a score below 640 will pay $714 more per month in interest and jacked-up insurance rates than the same person with a 700+ score.

What could you do with an extra $714 a month? Drive a better car? Live in a nicer home, in a safer neighborhood? Enjoy fine dining and entertainment every week instead of only on special occasions? Travel? For many of us, this would boost our take-home income by a THIRD, and it’s all TAX FREE.

A Team Of Professionals

The Credit Crusaders are a team of professionals from the fields of finance, investments and computer technology — including a former client. They have come together with a shared sense of outrage that 55 million Americans are suffering from bad scores, most of them needlessly…and usually for reasons that aren’t even their fault.

If you’re one of these persons, you are not alone. Far from it!

The “big three” credit bureaus control our lives in many ways. Most of us feel helpless to change our bad scores. This is no accident! They spend oodles of money each year to persuade us that:

  • They are somehow “official” agencies and therefore “trustworthy”;
  • There is nothing you can do to quickly and legally improve your scores;
  • It is your fault and you must just suffer with the results.

ALL of these are false!.

Introducing… 7 Weeks to 700: Legal Credit Repair that Will Change Your Life


Instant Credit Repair System: DIY Guide

The author of this book is Darrell Hornbacher. Darrell has worked for over a decade in the fields of credit repair and business lending. He is one of only a handful of people in the United States who has an UNBLEMISHED RECORD in this field. Google him 10 pages deep; you’ll see.

On average, people pay Darrell $2,000 to personally shepherd them through the process. You get all of his know-how for 47 bucks in this book. He has helped people like:

  • the young man who wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but was too embarrassed by his bad credit that prevented him from being able to get a mortgage
  • the man who was laid off and unable to find another job who wanted to start his own business, but whose bad credit prevented him from being able to qualify for new business loans
  • hard-working immigrants from other countries who don’t understand the difference between how credit works in the US and how it works elsewhere in the world until it’s too late
  • and of course the single mom we told you about earlier.

Darrell and his wife are not the only members of The Credit Crusaders. The team includes a retired IBM leader who conducted groups in the fields of customer service, user experience and technical communications for 22 years worldwide. She also has authored 14 published books.

In addition, they have an international investment advisor who specializes in simplifying complex technical ideas so regular folks “get it”. Nearly 1 million people have read his financial reports, and he recently rewrote a major classical work of economics.

Together, they developed 7 Weeks to 700 to be as easy to use as possible, and they’re proud of the result. It comes with a complete set of form letters drafted by an attorney for practically everything and anything you might encounter. If you find a situation that they haven’t already addressed, or something that you feel could be explained more clearly, they encourage you to write them.

Are You A Victim?

Now, we’re not big on the “victim card”, which too often serves as an excuse for lethargy or resignation. But sometimes a person really is a victim; someone who has been victimized…

Everyday, people lose out on great opportunities due to Poor credit. If you apply for a mortgage and your score is low, they’ll say “NO” when 7 weeks from now they could say “YES!” But it’s not just mortgages we’re talking about, not anymore. Credit scores are being used EVERYWHERE:

  • reports that more and more people are asking dates for their credit reports. Could you lose the love of your life this way?
  • Think mortgages are your only “housing problem”? Think again. Apartment owners are increasingly asking for these and selecting higher scoring applicants.
  • Imagine: you’re on the verge of getting a good job. Your references checked out, the interviews went well, and you’re a finalist for the position. Then they ask for it… BOOM! You’re fired before you even get hired.
  • Car loans can be very cheap, less than 3% or even 0%, for people with good credit. Those with poor credit can pay hundreds of dollars more every month for the privilege of driving the EXACT SAME CAR…

It’s not that there’s a conspiracy to deprive you of anything, these creditors just want to avoid risk. They want to be paid. And people with higher scores have a better likelihood of paying. (That’s what scores supposedly predict.) So the people with higher scores get more and better deals. It’s that simple.

Your solution? Be the person with a high score.

Then you’ll be the one getting the nod for the job, while others don’t even get the courtesy of a call back. You’ll be the one getting the apartment, or even the mortgage. And you could be the one getting the gal…or the guy…of your dreams.

Hold on…we’re not done with the victim thing yet…

The Real Conspiracy

There’s no conspiracy among creditors. That’s true, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no conspiracy. Most people are simply looking in the wrong place…

The REAL conspiracy is among the “big three” credit bureaus. They want to keep your scores low, and they “educate” you with PARTIAL TRUTHS so you believe their lies about how “hard” it is to change their “official-sounding” reports. Why?

It’s all tied to the Dirty Secret they share. Here it is: They make their money by selling the contact information for the people whose scores they compute, and a person with a score lower than 640 is worth 145 bucks a year, while that SAME PERSON with a 700+ score is worth just 85 bucks a year.

You may think that the difference between $145 and $85 isn’t much, but multiply that by the 55 million people with bad credit, and we’re talking some serious bucks for the credit bureaus — about 3 BILLION dollars. Do you think they’ll spend a few of those bucks to keep our scores low?

Sure they will, but we’ve leveled the playing field for you…

This Is Not A Fantasy, Or A “Free Lunch”

The system has worked for thousands of others, and it can work for you as well. It DOES REQUIRE SOME WORK. Doing that work for them is what Darrell charges his clients thousands of dollars for, however he gives you everything you need to do it yourself. And, of course, while you’re getting negative information OFF your credit report, you need to manage your money so that new negative information doesn’t get ON.

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Instant Credit Repair System: DIY Guide