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Question: Have you ever witnessed someone in a deep trance?

Possibly even a shamanic trance?

During an impassioned shamanic trance, a definitive hormone sketch is created – and it’s significantly different from that found in any other form of altered state, even hypnotic trance…..

Cortisol, adrenaline & noradrenaline increase, then drop severely, meanwhile the level of endorphins is rising. This sequence of low blood pressure and a heightened pulse rate may illustrate why shamans claim they die during a trance.

Now, don’t worry…. You do not have to worry about remembering all of this, it’s just an example of how our mind & experiences can be altered to a significant degree and our desires & what we perceive can be transformed….

It’s called ‘transpersonal psychology’…. And the study Stan Grof conducted on the effects of LSD made a giant contribution to what we know today – and I’m about to reveal how you can put the psychology of it to work for yourself, in your current relationship or marriage, or in
whichever man you’re interested in.

So, what on earth does transpersonal psychology & shamanic trances have to do with your relationship or your goals with a man?

Actually, everything….

First, you need to understand his “unconscious primal programming” which is currently (right this very minute!) telling him to…..

– Sleep with multiple women…
– Seek out the most attractive women…
– Be distant and protect his “emotional real estate” by not communicating…
– Build his attractiveness & boost his testosterone by either obsessively working out, or connecting with women on Facebook and at work, or perusing bars & strip clubs, or possibly even flirting directly with other women.
– To pull away from any woman who tries to “capture” him…
– And even to manipulate, deceive and “emotionally conquer” anyone (including his current girlfriend or wife) who gets in his way of achieving his sexual & personal satisfaction.

How do you get away from this “unconscious primal programming”?

If you’re married and tired of your husband taking you for granted & you might even suspect infidelity, this will make him remorseful for ever taking you for granted and anguish in the hurt he’s caused by being unfaithful.

If you’re ready to start family and have a baby, but find yourself continuously anxious about your relationship & where it’s heading, this will make him realize what a nurturing mother you’ll be & he’ll ask you to please be the mother of his baby.

Just imagine:

He’ll anxiously await to see you each day so he can embrace you, hold you passionately & caress you….

He’ll look forward to telling his friends and family about you, and as your relationship matures, you’ll be astounded at
how he continuously boasts to others about how magnificent & enjoyable you are….

This can even make a man who has “moved on” to another woman, plead for you to take him back….

Once you’ve initiated this transpersonal psychology & infiltrated the temporal portion of his brain, he’ll feel such a forceful connection to you, that it’ll actually feel awkward or unsettling to him, if he is away from you or even looks at another woman.

Here’s what it basically is:

Do you know when you’re extremely attracted to a man, and you can’t get him off of your mind?…. He enters your dreams, and every song or television character somehow reminds you of him, or is something you want to share with him? Well, there are chemicals, such as what’s known as the “love hormone”, which create this. And, once his have been activated too, he’ll think non-stop about you…..

Deactivate his “unconscious primal programming”…..

And activate the temporal portion of his mind…. ‘transcending temporal love’….

Unfortunately, the majority of women have to deal with cheating & deceitful actions from men, manipulation of her time & emotions, hypocritical actions and arguing. Maybe you’ve had your fair share of experience with that…. Not to mention “man-child tantrums” when things don’t go his way.

As a female friend of mine once questioned (after discovering her husband who seemed to be the most loyal, faithful & Christian type, was receiving happy endings by a local erotic masseuse on a weekly basis), “If Sandra Bullock even gets cheated on, how does any woman ever stand a chance????”

Luckily, women do stand a chance – and this is the way to have a trustworthy, respectful, honest relationship with a man….

Even a man who’s extremely good looking, financially successful, desirable to other women, incredibly fun to be around, and will make all of your friends envious….

A small percentage of women understand how ‘transcending temporal love’ works. Since so few women understand this, men are continuously frustrated and frequently turn to masturbation, porn, sleazy women, late nights at questionable bars or strip clubs, and some even to prostitutes, since this part of their natural-born male psyche is being deprived.

Have you ever had your eye on a man, and you just knew you would treat him really well, and that you’d be honest, fun, and even fulfill his sexual desires – only to have him end up with another woman, who you knew wouldn’t treat him as well?

It’s annoying as hell, isn’t it?

And it just hurts.

Celebrity marriages are known for ending in divorce (when both the man & woman have celebrity status). Most people seem to suggest it’s because of how much money is involved, or possibly entitlement syndrome on both parts, and so forth….

The core problem in the majority of celebrity marriages, is that though the man is receiving awards and recognition as well, it still puts too much pressure on him when his wife is also receiving awards, recognition and fame. Her time & attention is also frequently elsewhere. And, possibly even, her happiness is coming from other sources, not reliant on him.

A prime example of this was the marriage/ divorce of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

The infamous Jesse James knew he was marrying Sandra Bullock, who when they married was already successful. But the year everything really started to go well for her and she received multiple awards, had all kinds of media attention, and was also in the process of adopting a baby; was the year Jesse cheated, their marriage erupted and ended in divorce.

The ‘Swing Technique’….

Men are instantly turned off by demands & ultimatums from women (yet so many women set ultimatums). It tells his primal brain to protect himself and to be on guard. So, the concept here is to implement this technique, and the others I’m about to give you, “behind the scenes” (which trigger the temporal part of his brain) – and then he’ll decide to…..

  • Beg to spend more time with you….
  • Urge you to commit to him, in fear of losing you….
  • Plead for you to be the mother of his baby….
  • Even bring you breakfast in bed and provide you with massages, warm bubble baths, spontaneous weekend get-a-ways, dancing, and all of the romantic, loving gestures.

The first step in this process is to understand the impression you need to give him. With the ‘Swing Technique’ you’re able to balance not being too clingy or acting desperate, or acting too emotionally attached to him (which his primal brain responds to by withdrawing), but not act overly distant or unresponsive either.

The next thing that’s important to understand is the evolutionary trick which makes him want to “nest”, as women often do, and have the security of one good, faithful, honest woman….

If you’re a woman who is tired of dating “less than ideal” men, then this is something you will want to pay particular attention to, so you can attract a high-caliber, 100% ideal man.

The Inner Psyche of Men – Understanding Male Psychology is easy to understand and easy to implement. Such as….

* 5 necessities to flirting with men – Avoid making yourself look easy or desperate, tease men instead by flirting properly.
* 6 reasons you may still be single, and quick options for getting on the fast track to a healthy, fun relationship.
* 4 “secret spells” for captivating & charming men.
* 5 concepts for rebuilding your courage if you’ve been hurt, used, even cheated on.
* 4 ways to spot misogynists (be careful, because most misogynists don’t realize they are – most are actually convinced they love women & truly respect women).
* 7 techniques for handling difficult men – be it a co-worker, employer, your own father or male relative, and, of course, even a partner.
* 3 steps to living your own, fulfilling life and developing & maintaining your own identity (no matter if you’re single or currently in a relationship).
* 3 ways to better handle the “sexual double standard”, without becoming known as some unrealistic or fanatic feminist, and while maintaining their respect.
* 4 signs that he has “victim mentality” and very possibly will sabotage the relationship in some way, or always make himself the “victim” and you the “bad one”.
* 5 traits of influential & emotionally attractive women – and how you can cultivate these traits yourself. This allows you to attract both men, and success.

Introducing… Inner Psyche of Men – Understanding Male Psychology


The Inner Psyche of Men – Understanding Male Psychology consists of short videos where you can watch as your time allows and visualize how to implement this. But it also provides you with written materials, if you prefer to read.

In addition, it’s filled with “questions sheets” & “formula sheets” where you can organize each step better in your mind, as well as come to a deeper & truer understanding of yourself, your history with men, the type of male you’re drawn to and your goals in a relationship.

This is only for good, honest women who want a healthy, fun & mutually beneficial relationship with a good man.

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Inner Psyche of Men – Understanding Male Psychology