Indie Film Finance Guide


How To Raise Money So You Can Make Your Movie”

Utilize Proven Tactics From A Filmmaker Who Has Done It

This film funding system allows you to sketch out a simple strategy for finding and getting money from investors so you can make your movie.

Introducing: The Film Finance Guide



This film finance system is not theory. It is based on a decade of independent movie producing experience. If you are a serious filmmaker and you are willing to follow this system, you will get the inside scoop on raising money from people who have actually done it. This way, you too will discover how to find, approach, pitch and close investors.

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Find a Killer Script NOW so you can attract talent
Create the The Number that can’t be ignored
Find out if your pitch passes Insanity VS. Liability
Bulletproof your Business Plan and grab attention
Discover The Pitch that investors can’t ignore

If you are a serious filmmaker and you are willing to follow this system, you will get a full dose of film financing ammo from a producer’s perspective. You’ll get the inside scoop on raising money from someone who has actually done it.

Create Pitch – Create a pitch so you actually get money and not rejection.
Step-by-Step – This system is broken into six simple film financing steps!
Killer Script – Follow the proven plan for finding a killer script that gets attention.
Find Investors – Remove guesswork, find investors and raise money the right way.
Finance Guide – Follow the formula for prepping, approaching and closing investors!
No Boundaries – Stop asking permission and become your own movie studio.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside…

This module provides an intro to the complete film funding system as well as an explanation on how to Prep Your Project. Prepping your project may be the most important element to film financing!

When you’re in the room with that High Net Worth Individual (HNI), your goal is to get him or her to write the check. This module teaches you how to pitch!

These are the best kept secrets most successful movie producers will never tell you.

This information is invaluable and can be used for any film, any genre and any budget.

In this module, you will get expanded detail on raising money. These film financing techniques have been designed to give you an additional edge.

In this module you will find all the special strategies that can be utilized to help you finance your feature film. Some of these strategies will enable to you to overcome personal limitations and accelerate your career.

This system is an investment in your filmmaking business. If you are serious about your career, this information will provide a solid road map and potentially accelerate your success. The information contained in this system comes from someone who actually raised over 25M in film funding.

With the Film Finance Guide, you will get a real world, simple, bullet proof strategy for getting money from investors, from someone who’s actually done it.


Indie Film Finance Guide