Increase Your Vitality


Increase Your Vitality


Your love for life is the basis for your daily energy. It determines how much passion you have, how much fun you have and how useful you will find your own life. You love for life also determines to a large extent your energy.

3 Tips on how to increase your vitality:

Find out how your life has significance

Every person wants his life to have some meaning, we all like to make ourselves useful, to feel that we are needed and leave an impression in this world. If you decide for yourself how you can make a contributions to the world, how you can give meaning to life, than you have a special source of energy to tap into. But how do give your live meaning? The steps below will help you determine how you can build a life of significance.

1. Find out what interests you

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you prefer to do? To what activities do you feel consciously or unconsciously attracted the most?

This is partly the same question we asked in class about passion. What is pulling you? What themes reoccur in your life, what are the inner desires and wishes that you have cherished for years?

It may be that you have the strong feeling inside that you want to help people, and that you in your current job cannot really do that.

Perhaps do you feel that you want to set up a company and that you want to make a lot of money?

Maybe something else attracts you, nature, for example.

Maybe deep inside you know that you would like to travel deep, away from your familiar environment. Then you have to increase your vitality. Listen to your feelings the next time and find out in what direction you would like to move.

2. What do you think is the most important?

If someone would ask you this question, could you give him a direct answer? Do you know what is most important to you in life? Think about it.

What do you think is most important in life? Is it money, love, honesty, peace? Is it nature, god, your work or your partner? If you know what is most important to you then you can organize your live around these values. If you realize that honesty is very important to you then you may see contradictions in your life that you might need to change. For example, you want to work on yourself so you will speak the truth more often. You may also want to switch to products that are produced in a fair way and present yourself in a more open and transparent manner.

Decide what is most important to you. Once you know that, you can live by it. You live according to your highest moral values, a way of life that you can actually describe as practical spirituality. It brings you closer to yourself and it helps you to make your life clearer, purer and cleaner. That may sound a little vague, but it’s definitely worth a try!

3. Occupy yourself with something that means something

When you deal with things that for your doesn’t seem to matter then you feel worthless. Deep down, we all find it nice to occupy ourselves with something useful, something valuable, with something that has meaning.

If you feel that you do not do things that matter, then you could look for a way to do add something. See what interests you, what your inner drive is, and find out if you can combine this with meaningful activities.

Once you feel that your work is meaningful you´re life gets meaning. And if you feel that your life has meaning you feel more energetic and lively.

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