Improving Stage Presence Tips: Discussions On Showmanship


Improving Stage Presence Tips: Discussions On Showmanship


Audiences Care About Being Entertained.

You’ve probably heard that over and over. People think they know it. The problem is, very few understand what it means. It doesn’t mean your skills aren’t important – it means you need to frame and present your talent to create an experience for the people watching.

Unfortunately, Most Entertainers Allow EGO To Stand In Their Way.

They feel as if seeking help to improve their stage presence is admitting they are no good. That just isn’t true.

  • Magicians – could you perform sleight of hand on your very first attempt?
  • Jugglers – could you keep three balls going your very first try?
  • Ventriloquists – could you keep your lips still when you started?
  • Musicians – did you know exactly how to play the first time you picked up an instrument?
  • Singers – could you nail songs the very first try when you started?

It took practice and guidance.

Entertainers purchase knowledge in every other phase of their art. Yet improving stage presence, the one thing that will advance their career faster than any other part of the puzzle, seems to be the last thing on their mind.

Take A Moment To Imagine What Improving Your Stage Presence Could Do For You…

Announcing… Improving Stage Presence Tips: Discussions On Showmanship


Standing Ovations

Audiences genuinely showing their appreciation for your skills and talent.

Bigger Paychecks

Your ability to control every aspect of the audience’s experience will put you on the radar of better clients, and bigger paychecks.

Respect From Your Peers

Entertainers that control the stage and win over audiences always gain respect in their art.

Clients Wanting You Over Your Competition

No longer playing price wars is a major benefit when you have the stage presence to genuinely capture audiences.

And Creating Your Own Lucky Breaks!

Interview of Top Pros In The Business:

Denny Haney – Retired Corporate Magician

Who shared tips on becoming memorable to audiences and how to properly work a room.

Michael Hilby – International Juggler

Who shares ways to study your performance, improve audience reactions and connect with people.

Jim Barber – Branson Show Headliner

Who shares creating moments that let your audience “in” and how to achieve a standing ovation from audiences.

Todd Oliver – Branson Show Headliner

Who shares how to keep presentations natural, understand an audience and own the room when onstage.

Joanie Spina – Artistic Director

Who shares how to allow your act to unfold in real time and understand the logic of what you do onstage.

Jay Johnson – Tony Award Winner

Who shares how to analyze why the message we intend doesn’t always translate to an audience.


Terry Fator – America’s Got Talent Winner / Las Vegas Headliner

Who shares practice techniques to improve your stage presence, ways to relate with the audience in front of you and how to develop the confidence to become a showstopper!

The Interviews Were Divided Into Fifteen Video Lessons:

• Each week you receive a video lesson along with Key Points of the topic laid out so you can easily reference them.
• You will receive follow up emails with ideas that will help you apply the Key Points to your own act.
• Video of guests performing and highlighting the topics they discussed during the interview.

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Improving Stage Presence Tips: Discussions On Showmanship