Ice Fishing Secrets Book


Ice Fishing Secrets Book


“Fascinating Book makes Ice Fishing enjoyable again…

You’ll Catch More Fish Than You Can Count!

“At Last! A Proven Method For Always Finding The Best Spots And Catching More Fish Than You Can Carry Home…Even If You’ve Never Ice Fished A Day In Your Life!”

And it’s dead easy to learn.

Plus, Discover Tons Of Amazing Facts That’ll Have Your Friends Calling You ‘The Ice Fishing Expert!’

Now You Can Catch A Pile Of Fish The Way The Pros Do It!

Introducing… Ice Fishing Secrets Book


Learn How To Ice Fish With A Step-By-Step Guide That Will Show You Exactly How To Find The Best Fishing Hole And Also How To…

• Locate Tons Of Fish Under The Ice!
• Use Bait Tricks To Fool The Fish!
• Get More Strikes Than Your Buddies!
• Save Money By Making Your Own Equipment!
• To Only Fish At the Right Time Of Day!
• And Much Much More!

If you are sick and tired of coming home from empty handed, having to eat fast food instead of delicious pan fish, muskies, walleyes, northern pike, perch, crappies, or rainbow trout then this will be the most important message you read today.

This book is quite literally the bible of Ice Fishing. If you’re new to fishing or semi-experienced, you’ll immediately improve your chances of catching fish each time you go after reading the book.

When you crack open “Ice Fishing Secrets Book” you’ll discover tips which will teach you to:

  • Learn the ways to produce fish even during the hard times of a mid-winter slowdown p. 33
  • The choicest secret fishing holes from around world. They could be in your backyard p. 52, 54, 55
  • Find out the best ways to breakdown ice at record speed (your search for schools of fish will be effortless) p. 23
  • You could be the James Bond of ice fishing. Using the best locator makes all the difference p. 40-41
  • Lean the Pennsylvania secret that can be applied to any spot that can dramatically increase your catch rate p. 8
  • Lean how to find the fish under the ice and seduce them to bite p.14-15
  • The importance of scent to catching a fish on a calm, frozen lank and how fast it disperses. The relatively unknown tip of scenting lures to help attract fish. (Yes, smell is possible under water. It travels very well as water-soluble particles.) p. 18-19
  • Learn the best knot tying technique (Get the boy scout advantage) p. 21
  • Know why a simple little gas in the water can make or break your spot p.6-7
  • Learn the money saving techniques to build rod holders and shelters with simple items you already have lying around your house p. 24
  • Learn the correct line color to choose for maximum success (Fish are not color blind!) The right color and finish of the lure you select. (It depends on the brightness of the day and the clarity of the water.) p.25-26
  • Learn the best times to ice fish… THEIR FEEDING TIMES… Plus, learn how to catch them even outside their feeding times! (It’s a secret you must follow or you’ll get nothing.) p.22
  • How to adjust your bait depth to maximize your chances of catching your favorite type of fish (Crappies, Perch, Pickerel, Rainbows, Trophy Northern Pike, and Walleye all swim at different levels) (If you go too deep you’ll never catch anything!) p. 9-10
  • How artificial baits such as Berkely’s Gulp can be a better choice over live bait such as wax worms, grubs, maggots or minnows (This is crucial when selecting lures. Most lures are a complete waste or money but chosen correctly can double your catch chances!) p. 27
  • How to make ice chip creation less stressful on the fish (You’ve got to mellow those fish out) p. 59
  • Find out the best way to locate a superior fishing spot and snag it before anyone is the wiser p. 29-30
  • Discover the best hand auger on the market and how to make it work for you (you can drill to china in heartbeat if you know how to operate it correctly) p. 31
  • How to use your auger noise to magnetically draw the fish to you p. 32
  • Why knowing which hook and line size to use will make your bucket overflow. (What you find out will surprise you) p. 16-17
  • Know how thick the ice must safely be for two people to fish side-by-side (Your best ice safety strategy) p. 34-37
  • How an easy way to use weather shifts can help you gain an advantage over your buddies p. 20
  • Learn why releasing what you don’t eat will guarantee an amazing season next year p. 38
  • Learn the technique for proper tip-up selection for your favorite spot’s conditions p. 58
  • Know the special tricks to catch Bows, Burbot, Bluegill, Crappie, Lakers, Panfish, Perch, Pickerel, Rainbows, Trophy Northern Pike, and Whitefish p. 11-13
  • How long your learder should be to get the most strikes p. 39
  • Learn why cheaper monofilament is more suitable for the rigors (Expensive lines are for amateurs) p. 28
  • Find out the secret to keeping your minnows fresh between fish outings p. 42
  • The secret to making jigging with live bait using tip-ups more effective than with artificial bait p. 45
  • How the vexilar flasher can be every angler’s best friend p. 48-49
  • Discover to secret to setting the hook (Timing is everything!) p. 50
  • Fish lose their teeth constantly. How you can capitalize on this anatomical fact and win p. 51
  • How never to jig up a tip-up incorrectly ever again (you will love how simple this one technique makes it) p. 53
  • Soak your minnows in this “secret sauce” and you’ll catch walleyes by the bucket full p. 56
  • How to use spring bobbers to dramatically increase your bite sensitivity p. 44
  • Don’t spend a lot of money! You can be successful and comfortable without emptying your wallet p. 57
  • How to whip the fish up into a feeding frenzy (Here’s a hint: Meooow!) p. 60
  • Find the best shanty for you (nothing more, nothing less) p. 61-62
  • The most effective time to use glow-in-the-dark lures over regular lures p. 46-47

That’s really just a taste of what is covered. Even if this isn’t your main game, the principles covered in the 62 page book are guaranteed to improve your chances of catching a bucket full.

And for the serious ice Angler, here’s some more of what the book reveals:

  • Learn why fish are so sensitive to noise. (The noise of breaking twigs or nudging a rock consistently scares fish away!)
  • How to maintain your equipment for maximum longevity
  • Why having a cigarette while fishing can halve your chances of catching anything
  • Discover why your mindset is your most effective weapon in catching fish
  • And many more…

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Ice Fishing Secrets Book