Hydroponics How to Get Started


Hydroponics How to Get Started


You’ve heard how fast plants grow in a hydroponics system. You’ve heard about the huge harvests. Once you have it set up you will only need to spend a small amount of time per day monitoring the plants.

Discover shortcuts that will help you build a hydroponics setup quickly and easily… and cheaply.

Hydroponics is NOT complicated once you understand how to get started. There are five types of hydroponics systems, and this ebook will show you why matching the right system to your situation can save you a lot of frustration.

What’s the difference between hydroponics and an ordinary garden?

Plants grown in hydroponics have their roots in a clean neutral media such as clay balls or perlite, instead of dirt. A nutrient solution is circulated to the roots via a pump or wick action.

The plants don’t have to waste energy developing a large root system because the food is delivered right to the roots. Since it no longer has to search for its food, the plant’s growth and energy are redirected to lush foliage and abundant flowers and fruit.


In this comprehensive gardening e-book, you’ll discover…

  • The quickest, easiest hydroponics system to build. You can get started in hours rather than days and the system is built from common materials so you can save money.
  • 5 ways you can get started in hydroponics on a pauper’s budget. You don’t have to get the most complex system to get incredible results. There are 2 plans that can be built out of common materials you may already have. You can get the rest at Home Depot.
  • Which crops to grow and which to stay away from. You can grow just about anything with hydroponics, but some plants will take over, stealing light and space from smaller plants. Here you’ll learn which plants are the smartest, easiest… and tastiest.
  • A Forbidden Hideaway. The last chapter in the book shows you how to create a space in your home to grow plants that nobody will know about. To the outside world you are an ordinary neighbor. But inside “the Grow Box” a different world exists that makes plants grow like crazy.

This “Hydroponics how to” insider secrets include…

  • What you must do to avoid getting eaten alive! Believe it or not, bugs can wreak havoc, even in a spare bedroom. Chapter 14 shows you the easiest methods for keeping them away from your crops.
  • Why organic fertilizers can stunt plant growth. Doesn’t make sense, does it? The trouble with organic fertilizers is they can be wildly inconsistent. If you are eager to use organic, wait till you are a little more experienced. The book will tell you the most potent fertilizer to buy… and where to get it.
  • How you can pack “extra wallop” into a lettuce growing season by using hydroponics. Once you learn this trick your family will never be late for dinner again. Chapter 5 has tips to keep the veggies coming one after another, month after month.
  • The magic numbers. Plants will grow best when the temperature is between 65°-78°. If you can keep your plants in this zone, you will have a mind-blowing bounty you can share with friends. The book shows you where heat comes from- and how to get rid of it.

Just follow the step by step directions and in a matter of weeks you will have huge plants that will feed your family. Those plants will be giving you fresh produce and saving you money every month.

You will be able to grow crops at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy them. And won’t your friends be impressed when you give them samples of your harvest?

Hydroponic kits cost a lot of money but this ebook will show you how to create the same thing for hundreds of dollars less. The money you save by using ordinary materials to create a hydroponic setup will pay for the ebook many times over.

When you have this ebook you will have a source on where to get low cost soil media and fertilizer solution. This will also save you money. You know if you have step-by-step plans it will make it so much easier to build a hydroponic system.

Listen, you can get this ebook now, read it cover to cover, and if you are not completely happy with it you can get a full refund. That’s right, you decide whether this ebook is all I say it is.

You decide whether the book made starting a hydroponic garden easy. You decide whether the book saved you a lot of money and a lot of time. You must be convinced the book has put veggies on your table and money in your pocket… or you pay NOTHING!

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Hydroponics How to Get Started