How to Write a Business Plan that Attracts Funding Online Course




How to Write a Business Plan that Attracts Funding Online Course


If you’re looking for a source of the absolute best Online Business Plan Course and finance “know-how” and “how-to” information available, look no further.

We are proud to present a comprehensive business education course that combines the latest entrepreneurial success strategies with time-honored business and management principles that banks and investors really look for before they’ll give you money.

All the essentials were taken and “boiled them down” into eminently useful and easily understandable language that ANY entrepreneur can quickly take action on. It doesn’t matter if you just a little bit of experience in business, or a lot – this new course will give you the cutting edge information that’s so “key” to getting loans and investor dollars flowing your way.

These days, many of the rules have changed. The Internet economy has changed everything, as you know.

And that includes finance and investor demands.

If you don’t know what they’re looking for, you won’t get the money you need. It’s that simple.

Therefore, this all-in-one course with tons of vital information packed into it were put together. You not only get guidance and workbooks, but also the “inside” worksheets and “templates” that finance people seldom let out of their possession.

Introducing… How to Write a Business Plan that Attracts Funding Online Course


They use these specific “formulas” to gauge whether or not your business is worthy of funding. So if you know ahead of time what to put on your documents, you stand a much better chance of getting approved.

Furthermore, the course comes with videos that guide you through the whole process of creating your financial lending applications, as well as your business plan. You’ll be guided through the steps, which can seem overwhelming if you’re just “left on your own” to make them.

You’ll be amazed at how this program completely “de-mystifies” the whole business-finance process – and gets you on the road to SUCCESS faster than you ever thought possible!

What you get inside How to Write a Business Plan that Attracts Funding Online Course

1. Training Video & E-book- Accessing Finance – A Beginner’s Guide

Here are some of the topics covered in this module:

Introduction to finance; Different sources of finance- grants, loans, equity, factoring etc ; Pros and cons of the different sources of finance; Understanding the right finance strategy; Exploring the different requirements of grant, equity and loan funder; Review of the different appraisal and application forms of different funding agent. How to plan and prepare effectively before approaching funder; How to put together a robust business plan; Understanding sensitivity analysis and financial ratios; Where to source grant, loans and equity finance.

2. Training Video & E-book – How To Write A Business Plan For Funding

Here are some of the topics covered in this module:

The importance of putting together a business plan & the misconception; What is it; The difference between strategic planning and business planning; Strategic planning in action using different models and its link to it; Its scope and contents; How to clarify your vision and mission as well as put together your vision and mission statement; How to develop corporate strategy, goals and targets; How to identify and scope out your target markets and their buying criteria so that you can put together an effective marketing strategy/ plan for effective marketing; Defining and clarifying your products features and benefits, as well as your pricing strategies; Using PEST Analysis and Porters 5 Forces to analyze your external operating environments; Determine indirect and direct competition and put together a unique selling preposition; Exploring and identify gaps analysis; Identify and evaluate SWOT analysis and put together milestones; Risk assessment and develop risk management strategies for success; Understanding marketing mix and put together effective marketing strategies.

3. Training Video & E-book – How To Produce Financial Forecast

Here are some of the topics covered in this module:

What is financial planning; Why produce a financial plan? Your step by step guide to produce it for strategic planning; Sample of cash flow forecast; sample of profit and loss accounts and balance sheet forecast; benefits of financial planning.

4. Samples Of Successful Business Plans

It is one thing learning the theories, it is quite another thing, writing it for funding professionally to achieve the funds. You’ll be provided with samples so that you learn from those who have done so successfully.

5. Sample Of Projected Cash-flow Statement, Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet

This excel template will offer you a sample to produce your own. It is easy to follow and understand.

6. Template Used By Decision Makers

This is a great resource that is usually not privy to you when seeking funding. Professionals use this guide in their consultancy services and you can now use it to save yourself tons of money. By understanding the mechanics how to tailor your message to fit the mindset of funders, you will be able to quickly understand the relevance of the matrix used by the panel making approval decision.

7. Training Video – Understanding Financial Evaluation Criteria – Insider Tips from Expert Broker’s

This video will teach you financial evaluation techniques supporting financing decision making by funders. You will learn some of the lingo such as EBITDA Cover, Operating Margins etc and develop your skills using them in your review and evaluation before approaching funders.

8. Training Video – Financial Skills For Project Evaluation

This video teaches you how to appraise your financial plan to demonstrate your business is financially viable using advanced appraisal techniques such as Net Present Value, Pay Back Period and Returns On Investment. Understanding how these techniques are used will help you communicate it confidently to investors, lenders and grantors. Many investors are interested in the pay back period of their investment in opportunities. They want to be assured their investment will yield a quick pay back to mitigate their risk exposure and maximize their financial returns. This video will teach you how to gain competitive advantage in the capital market, demonstrating to investors and lender their returns on capital with you is much higher and with reduced risk.

9. Sourcing Funding From Crowdfunding Platforms

This is to show you how to prepare for crowdfunding. Over seventy ‘Crowdfunding Platforms’ for you worldwide were complied. You can access them with a click of a bottom.

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How to Write a Business Plan that Attracts Funding Online Course