How to Win Child Custody – Strategy Guide to Winning Custody


How to Win Child Custody – Strategy Guide to Winning Custody


Proven Strategies that can Win You Custody and Save You Thousands in Attorney Costs!

Overcome the learning curve that can cost you a fortune and even your children! How to Win Child Custody – Proven Strategies that can Win You Custody and Save You Thousands in Attorney Costs! is a proven strategy guide that you can download immediately! It has undergone years of testing with actual cases producing amazing results. For the first time ever, Child Custody Coach® is proud to make available this unique breakthrough child custody strategy guide, which can help you enhance your custody case and increase your chance at a winning child custody arrangement! It is usable in all 50 States!

Are you contemplating divorce or separation but are unsure about how child custody will be determined or what you can likely expect from attorneys, the family court system, and/or a judge? Is it possible that your ex will falsely accuse you of child abuse, falsely accuse you of domestic violence, intentionally involve Child Protective Services or CPS without good cause, frustrate your contact with your child, relocate or move-away with your child, or coach your child in order to alienate you from your child to gain the upper hand in the family court?

Are you uncertain how to properly interview and utilize an attorney such as how to ask the right questions to know you are hiring the right attorney for your child custody case? Do you feel like your attorney is not keeping you informed and withholding important information from you? Is it possible your attorney cares more about billing you than winning your case for you? Have you had a bad experience previously with an attorney or feel your attorney is trying to sell you a bill of good and/or inflate your bill?

Introducing… How to Win Child Custody – Strategy Guide to Winning Custody


This E-Book will let you in on the biggest breakthroughs that attorney’s rarely inform their clients about, which can have a substantial impact on child custody determinations today with the potential to get you a better child custody result! There are things you can be doing right now to better strengthen your case and there are things you must know, which can help you win custody or prevent you from losing custody of your child.

There are some things you must do to help you determine where you stand and what you can likely expect in the family court with respect to child custody and visitation such as: How to prepare and how to plan your child custody case. How to determine which path will likely get you the best custodial arrangement and which will not. When to negotiate settlements out of court and when to proceed to trial. What factors the judges tend to look for. These are all things you can do and learn on your own.

The information and strategies in this material can be applied to initial custody determinations, post-judgment modifications or modifications to existing child custody orders, stipulated agreements, and child custody modifications based on the best interest of the child standard or based on a material change of circumstance. The information is helpful to grandparents concerned about their children or grandchildren, stepparents, family, friends, and parents dealing with child custody issues. These child custody strategies can help you win or defend child custody and are applicable in all 50 states.

Parents who rely solely on their attorney to come through for them on his/her child custody matter will often end up extremely disappointed. Attorneys generally have numerous cases at a time and their primary interest is often to make money. To make money and pay the overhead that is often associated with a law firm it requires numerous client retainers and regular billing. Attorneys can unnecessarily drag out cases or lead their clients down a lengthy path only to end up absolutely nowhere and in some cases custody can even be put at risk and in some cases lost. Do not let this be you! Attorneys are simply a “hired gun,” or a tool, and must be used properly in order to be effective for your case. Learn how to use your attorney or you may be a victim of them using you!

What’s Included

Help to win child custody case – What follows is a partial list of what is included in this 100-Page immediately downloadable E-Book, “How to Win Child Custody”:

  • Documentation in child custody cases. How to properly document, plan, and prepare for your custody case. Empower yourself with knowledge and information.
  • How to properly control, guide, and manage your child custody case.
  • How to self-assess your situation so you can better determine the right plan to maximize your custodial timeshare. Do not rely solely on an attorney.
  • How to gather and organize relevant information and details pertaining to your child custody case. Know more and worry less.
  • Child custody factors and common allegations. Reduce uncertainty by knowing.
  • About attorney billing disputes and requesting attorney fees from the opposing party. How to reduce your attorney costs.
  • What you need to do to find the right divorce attorney or child custody lawyer.
  • How to properly interview family law attorneys so you know he/she is the right for you.
  • Things you can implement immediately to strengthen your child custody case and position yourself for a more favorable custody arrangement. Leave no stone unturned.
  • Strategies that can get you the child custody arrangement you want or even better.
  • Information attorney’s wish you did not know that can reduce litigation costs and attorney fees and increase your chance of winning child custody.
  • The most important strategy, which judges do not want you to know and attorney’s rarely ever disclose. Simple, legal, and guaranteed to impact your case!
  • 13 bonus attachments added to the Appendices! Parenting plan worksheet, shared parenting assessment, parenting tips, primary caretaker checklist, sample parenting plan, and more.
  • Worksheets, examples, and more.

Whether you are just contemplating divorce or separation or whether your child custody matter is pending in the family court right now, you owe it to yourself and your children to take action and fully prepare yourself for child custody.

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How to Win Child Custody – Strategy Guide to Winning Custody