How to Train Your Dog Like a Pro


How to Train Your Dog Like a Pro


The toughest question that faces every newbie dog owner is how to train a dog to be obedient and well behaved. Most people love dogs, but hesitate on owning one as a pet because they fear that they might not be able to train their pup properly or may have to hire an experienced pet trainer for this purpose which could prove to be very expensive.

The truth is, although it takes time and patience to train a new pup it is not actually a very difficult task. If you want to learn how to train a dog, all you need to do is first introduce consistency and patience in your own behavior. Dogs are very intelligent animals and learn very quickly from the behaviors they perceive.

The first and foremost step in learning how to train a dog is to teach your dog to respond to basic commands like “sit”, “stay” and appraisals like “good dog” and “bad dog”. You must reward the dog by saying good dog or something similar whenever your pet does a good job. For the first few weeks you must try and keep the selection of words the same throughout. You may change your words once your dog has learnt to understand the tone of your voice, but it is very important to be absolutely consistent to begin with.

The second step in learning how to train your dog is to get it familiarized with its resting place. It could be a crate or a kennel. Both these training steps should in fact be practiced side by side. If you cannot afford to buy a kennel, you can always use an empty crate. However, you need to examine the crate thoroughly to check if there are any areas which could hurt the dog. Secondly, you might want to place in some blankets to make it look dark and cozy just like a den.

The third step in learning how to train your dog is to teach your dog where to urinate. There is nothing worse than a pup urinating all over your house. This could be both dirty and dangerous. This training must also be started from the very first day of your dog’s arrival.