How to Train For a Marathon – Setting a Foundation For Success


How to Train For a Marathon – Setting a Foundation For Success

By Jago Holmes


For any potential marathoner, how to train for a marathon will be a key question that needs a useful answer.

If you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but you’ve never really been competent at running, this needn’t mean that you necessarily can’t do it.

It’s quite rare if not ever unheard of that anyone gets good at anything before they’ve even tried it. Did the worlds finest violinist become a virtuoso prior to even holding a bow? What about the top tennis player in the world, brilliant before even hitting a ball, I really doubt it. They probably didn’t even display any sort of real talent for many months or even years of PRACTICE.

Running essentially doesn’t require any real ability. Practically anyone who is able bodied and in decent health has the capability to run. But to go that step beyond and become proficient at it needs constant training and regular practise.

Be WARNED, you won’t be able to complete a marathon if you adhere to a unstructured training regime.

Here are 4 simple strategies you can adopt –

Train Clever

Yes, you’re training to take part in a marathon and that needs a particular amount of slow steady running each week. But simply sticking to this type of running is a mistake since it may place too much pressure on your joints and nervous system, and any fitness changes will be very slow.

Change Your Workouts

To build up distance running you must develop stamina in your legs and your heart and lungs, so take part in other sports that also produce these changes such as swimming, cycling or rowing.

Progress systematically

Every week you need to make sure that your workout gets gradually more difficult, with slight steady improvements.

Don’ t disregard rest days, they’re almost as important as your running days.

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