How To Train, Care and Build Trust With Your Pet Rabbit


How To Train, Care and Build Trust With Your Pet Rabbit


Discover the secrets in taking care of you rabbit the right way – creating a great life with your rabbit at home!”

Do you know how to get him to actually trust you as her friend?

Do you know how to make her feel well at home – in your home?

Do you know what kind of pet rabbit fits your home best?

Are you missing some vital information on how to take care of your pet at home?

You can learn all the important stuff to know about them right now.

Thanks to this super-easy Rabbit Training System made for “regular people” with little or no prior experience or training in caring for them, you’ll quickly discover that training her and building an everlasting trust with her can be easy and specially fun.

People might even start calling you “The Rabbit Guru” when they hear about your great success with her and how you learned all the master skills!

You’ll have her bonding with you in no time thanks to this easy new training guide called, “How To Train, Care and Build Trust With Your Pet Rabbit”.


Written in plain, easy-to-understand language-with no complicated instructions – this informative system shows you everything you need to know to easily understand how to best care for and train him and build a bonding trust between you 100% in 30 days or less (of course it depends on yourself to give the two of you some good quality time together). You’ll learn all of the basics… the best place to keep him, what never to do, how often should you be around it, the best rabbit to get under your care and much more. It’s extremely user-friendly. All of the information is laid out in clear, concise lessons, so you can learn at your own pace and not feel overwhelmed.

You’ll See Results On Your Very First Days…

..and she will be running around the house happily like she was a real part of the family in no time – thanks to this incredible new system that is taking the “Rabbit Community” by storm. By the time you get finished with this easy breakthrough system, you’ll know more than most of the so called “pros” on how to overall caring and training of pet rabbits …and she will automatically build a stronger bond with you for understanding all her needs so well!


Here are just a few of the many tips & tricks you’ll discover in How To Train, Care and Build Trust With Your Pet Rabbit:

  • Learn where they come from
  • What types of “problems” you may find with each type
  • How many different types of breeds and furs exist and what fits best for you – see color photos of every breed available
  • What type you should avoid if you don’t want to use a special extra time daily to take care of brushing and bathing them in order to keep their coat in proper condition
  • Who are the fancy bunnies which can mostly be seen in the show ring
  • How much different is it to live with them compared to cats and dogs and why is their personality so important to fit with your household
  • What is absolutely A MUST for you to know BEFORE you try to hold and cuddle her like other pets are used to be taken care of
  • Discover the no. 1 reason she might be afraid of you (page 13)
  • How and why should young children be specially supervised when around her
  • Why is it so important for you to care about building trust with her
  • What to think about BEFORE you get her. What is the key to a sane and caring life with her (unbelieveably simple) Learn where to go and what to look for when adopting a healthy pet rabbit
  • Learn how to prepare your home before her arrival – This is very important for new owners!!
  • How to bunny proof your house
  • How can your furniture be saved from those all-chewing teeth
  • How to educate your family, specially the young ones, about the new “baby” and how to care for it in the best way
  • Why and how to make a safe area for her
  • What are the “rabbit rules” for your household (the kid’s special 😉
  • How to help children learn more about responsibility when keeping a rabbit (and what NOT to do)
  • What supplies to buy for her – for responsible care, feeding, grooming, cleaning, toys and housing – a complete list for shopping wisely AND save money
  • What is the minimum size of hutch or cage to get for her
  • How to protect her from predators outside…
  • Learn the real reason for having her spayed or neutered (it’s not what you may think at first)
  • What type of bunny toys to give her and when to get new ones

Boost your knowledge even more with this information covered in How To Train, Care and Build Trust With Your Pet Rabbit:

• Learn the critical factor on how to protect them from themselves
• How to interview veterinarians and what exactly to ask them about pet care
• How to care for her after operation
• What are the main clinical reasons for taking her to the vet
• Why do some bunnies become aggressive and mean, and how to avoid it (the answer may shock you)
• The one mistake you must avoid to prevent your bunny dying from hairballs
• How to take care of her teeth and fur (most people overlook this)
• Why is it so important to train her to use a leash
• Complete “build-it-yourself” guide on how to build an ark – the ideal outside hutch for rabbits – simple to follow directions with accurate drawings and list of materials to use
• How to make her hop up and down on your command (up and down from furnitures)
• How to prepare for your new member of the family – what are they really like
• What are the 6 most vital websites for you to know about regarding bunnies


Even these subject are covered:

  • What symptoms to look for if you suspect she is ill
  • What to feed her and why, and at what age (very important)
  • What vegetables to avoid and what is recommended for everyday feeding
  • How to groom her and how to convert it to your special quality care time with your baby bunny
  • Why not to bathe her ( DON’T DO IT ) and what to do instead (DON’T MISS THIS!)
  • How to clean her up and why it’s necessary to keep her elsewhere while you clean her hutch / home
  • How to cope with her habits like what to do against all that chewing, digging, aggression or other unwanted behavior
  • Learn the secret for protecting your carpet and furniture from droppings or other possible bunny accidents – works well for cats and dogs too
  • 6 great ideas for them to chew on
  • What to do if she swallows or ingest something they shouldn’t
  • What is the ideal snack for her – specially to help with digestion, help prevent hairballs and be a good chewing material for your rabbit’s teeth
  • How to provide a safe “diggy” spot and show the bunny that you care 😉
  • What to do if she shows a darker side and some aggressive behavior for no obvious reason – see the clear directions for 7 different scenarios – handle with care
  • How to make her become your very loyal and devoted friend
  • Why do some bunnies occasionally try to eat their droppings
  • It’s NOT impossible to litter train them. Just follow the simple directions.
  • Learn to teach her to perform some great showroom tricks
  • How to train her to come directly to you when your call
  • If you want to teach her to sit pretty on command, make sure you remember this..
  • … and much, much more in between!

Imagine The Looks Of Amazement You’ll Get From Your Family And Friends As Your Rabbit Shows Extraordinary Intelligent Behavior!

Until now, it would take you months of struggle to have your rabbit doing anything intelligent.

THIS SYSTEM REALLY DOES MAKE IT EASY. It’s perfect for beginners and also very good for advanced owners or breeders (always possible to be better). Soon, you’ll have your friends and family staring in amazement over all of the things she can do.

STOP NOW, and think about how your life with her could be much easier and happier if you knew all the necessary tips in bunny care.

If you’re serious about building great friendship with your pet in the fastest time possible – and save yourself and your family a huge effort and time, you owe it to yourself to get started immediately.

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How To Train, Care and Build Trust With Your Pet Rabbit