How to Tell If Your Husband or Boyfriend Is Cheating Online


How to Tell If Your Husband or Boyfriend Is Cheating Online

By Kajay Williams


The internet has enabled us to make connections all over the world with very little effort. Instant chat rooms and messengers make it easier than ever to communicate with member of the opposite sex, and although it can be fun connecting with new friends and reconnecting with old friends, the internet has also made it much, much easier to cheat. Easy access to a multitude of people, some of which will be willing partners, as well as the immediacy of online contact could add up to online cheating.

Some of the most common signs of online cheating are outlined below. These are common signs for cheating, and not every cheater will display any of these behaviors. Equally, men who are completely innocent may also display the behaviors outlined below. Use your instincts and make sure you have proof before accusing a partner of cheating.

Spends a lot of time online

Probably the first and most obvious sign of cheating is that your husband or boyfriend spends a lot of time online. Although it’s normal for a lot of us to spend a large portion of the day on our computers due to our working lives, if the usage spills over into mornings, evenings and weekends, when it would otherwise be unnecessary to be using the computer, it could indicate that your partner is having an online affair. If your husband or boyfriend seems to be spending a lot of time online at odd hours when they could be doing other things, or they regularly tap away on their computer into their night, it could spell trouble.

Closes the computer or switches windows when you arrive

If your husband or boyfriend consistently shuts the computer lid, angles the screen away from you so you cannot see what’s going on, minimizes windows when you arrive or switches windows, it could mean that he has something to hide.

If this happens once or twice, it could be entirely innocent – he might be buying you a present! But if this happens again and again and your husband or boyfriend refuses to talk to you about what they are doing online and why they are being secretive, it could mean that they are cheating online.

Stays awake longer and comes to bed late

Changes in behavior is a big indicator of cheating, especially if your spouse starts to spend more time awake at the computer, if they start coming to bed later than ever before or if your hear them sneaking out of bed late at night. If your husband or boyfriend has always joined you in bed at a regular time or if they have never spent time on the computer late into the night and they suddenly start doing so, it could mean that they are involved in an online affair.

Other changes in behavior that indicate cheating are sudden changes in mood – a husband or boyfriend that is cheating will often become defensive, angry or just “off” with their spouse. They might be reluctant to converse with their partner, or they might be distant or cold in the way that they act towards them.

Sometimes, it’s the opposite – a cheating partner might make an effort to compensate for their behavior by being more loving, complimentary and affectionate than ever before. Generally, if you feel like something is “off” with your spouse and the way they are acting, it generally means that there is something wrong.

Computer history is often clean

This is another obvious indicator of online cheating or otherwise clandestine affairs. But for this to be a possible indicator of cheating, it has to be a new behavior. If your husband or spouse has always been open and honest and has always left their history on their computer, but then they suddenly start clearing their computer history with no apparent explanation, it could mean that they have something to hide. Again, if it happens once or twice, it could be completely innocent – but if it consistently happens, again and again, it could mean that they are involved in an online affair.

Changes password to his computer

If your husband or partner changes the password to their computer – when they have always left the computer open before or if they have always shared their password with you in the past, it could mean that they have something on their computer that they are trying to hide.

If your husband or boyfriend has never hidden this type of information from you before and they suddenly start to do so, you might want to ask yourself what it is that they are so determined to keep secret from you.

Not willing to share password of email or Facebook

Similarly, if your husband or boyfriend is no longer willing to let you know their email or Facebook password, or if they suddenly change their passwords, despite being willing to let you have that information in the past, they could be involved in an online affair with someone on their email or Facebook list.

Another tell-tale sign of online cheating is if your husband or boyfriend is unwilling to add you as a friend on their social networking accounts, or if they are unwilling to list you as their girlfriend online. If you have a solid, happy relationship, there should be no issues with regards to email and Facebook.

Another indicator of an affair is that your husband or boyfriend feels the need to respond to text messages, emails or Facebook messages immediately. They may seem almost obsessed with responding to correspondence quickly despite there being no apparent reason for the haste.

It’s important to remember that secrecy does not automatically mean that your husband or boyfriend is cheating. If it is a new relationship, your boyfriend might feel like they don’t need to share information such as passwords. Your spouse might also be a more private person than you are.

However, if your husband or boyfriend consistently displays all of the behaviors above and just seems different to normal, it could mean that they are doing something that they don’t want you to know about.

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