How to Teach Students Effectively – Inspire Them to Do Their Best



How to Teach Students Effectively – Inspire Them to Do Their Best


Do you sometimes feel like you’re the proverbial punching bag for the teaching profession?

Do you have days when nothing seems to go right, where the kids are getting you down, when you’re not getting any respect for the many hours you put in trying to cope with all your special education students, your overcrowded class, your lack of resources, your lack of time?

Do you find yourself so frustrated teaching your class that you literally grind your teeth, bite your tongue and pull your hair in frustration? Are you going home emotionally exhausted, dissatisfied and overwhelmed?

Every teacher has been there. Teacher burnout, teacher dissatisfaction, teacher turnover have never been higher than it is today. But teachers are needed now more than ever, due to the breakup of the family, the declining influence of religion and society. The school is the last place left where students have to attend.

Introducing… “How To Make a Difference Inspiring Students to do Their Best”


Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Learn in the First Part of My eBook:

+ How to prevent your students from pushing your buttons and stressing you out (page 8)
+ The 7 questions that establish your base of strength in the face of challenges and setbacks. They keep you from the sand trap of depression (page 8)
+ How your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes can guide you to becoming a more effective teacher (p. 9)
+ How to measure (and prove) your success as a teacher throughout the entire school year (p. 14)
+ How to get your students to recognize and embrace their unique and different qualities in a fun and engaging way (p. 15)
+ The single best source of help when dealing with difficult behavior (p. 16)
+ How you can easily get parents to open up about their kids and reveal golden nuggets of information that make your job easier (p. 16)
+ And much more

Here’s Why You Want This:

This eBook teaching guide is written by an actual practicing full time classroom teacher that contains the unique information you need to become a teaching success. This classroom tested teacher techniques will work for you or your money back, guaranteed.

The best part is that any teacher can learn these techniques in seconds.

Here’s More of What You’ll Discover in my eBook:

+ The “Student Scavenger Hunt” – how to use it on the first day of school (or any day) to get each of your students to feel special and bond together.This fun game also naturally reveals who are the leaders, the shy, and everyone in between (p.18)
+ High-achieving students vs. high-needs students. What you need to know (p.19)
+ How to build rapport with each student before they enter your classroom (p.20)
+ The “Sunshine Call” and how to use it to establish mountains of rapport with parents early in the school year (p.21)
+ The easy way to establish discipline on the very first day of school. (p.22)
+ The “Reason Why” method of getting your students to comply. Plus, how to get the students to encourage the “rule breakers” to behave and follow the rules (p.23)
+ The “6 Rules of the Class” and the 4 consequences (p.27)

In this eBook, You’ll Also Learn …

+ The 8 rules for an effective incentive program (p.44)
+ When good students “go bad” and ignore your routine or signals, what do you do?… Use this quick and easy tip on page 49 to get your students to relax and calm down
+ How to use “circle time” to build classroom rapport and teamwork skills (p.50)
+ How to prevent inappropriate behaviors before they begin. (p.51)
+ Transforming first-year teaching struggles… How to completely changed the students’ and parents’ perceptions around (and the tone of your class) in a single afternoon! A true and motivating story and technique you can use with your class, revealed on page 51
+ 6 keys to building trust and respect through responsibility (p.67)
+ 3 ways to get the most from field trips (p.71)
+ How to make your weaknesses obsolete … Discover how I got others to help me with my lack of artistic talent and limited knowledge of technology (p.74)

You’ll Also Discover These Amazing Gems:

+ The 3 questions that help diffuse almost any classroom problem you’ll ever encounter (p.77)
+ How to refocus your entire class on January 1st using the 3-item resolution list (p.86)
+ Learning Lessons through Movies. The top 24 movies to teach and inspire you and your students (p.87)
+ 19 Boredom Boosters to get your class out of a rut (p.92)
+ 44 ways to quench the flames of teacher burnout (p.100)
+ How to touch your students’ hearts on the last day of school, so they remember you and the impact you made on them for the rest of their lives (p.106)
+ And much, much more!

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How to Teach Students Effectively – Inspire Them to Do Their Best