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dirty-talk-headerHow to Talk Dirty to Your Man Book


Discover The Dirty Talk Your Man Has Fantasized About His Entire Life That No Woman Has Ever Delivered …Yet!

You Will Rock His World So Hard He’ll Think You’re Reading His Mind!”

You’ve found the MOST exciting, MOST effective way to drive men wild on the planet…

…that is of course by learning how to deliver irresistible dirty talk!

The problem is sexy dirty talk is so difficult for most women because it’s impossible to read a guys mind. Not to mention tantalizing dirty talk is more than just saying a few words…

It’s about how you flirt with your man… how you tease him and leave him begging for more… how you use your body and mind to work him into a frenzy of sexual anticipation!

…and of course, how you then end up having the most mind-blowing sex either of you has ever experienced!

dirty-talk-tips-what-she-wants-image-2Whether You Want To:

Give your man the hottest sex he’s ever had…
Be the only woman he fantasizes about…
Make him want you more than ever before…
Re-ignite the passion in your relationship…
Or just be able to seduce ANY guy at the blink of an eye…

…learning how to talk dirty to men is the sure-fire way to do it!

But… if you’re like most women, you probably get red-faced and tongue-tied at just the thought of talking dirty to your man…

Maybe he’s started talking dirty to you and you felt the stone-cold embarrassment of not knowing what to say back… or maybe you’ve tried to say something dirty but wanted to bury your head in the bed sheets because he laughed at you.

Either way…

You know he badly wants you to talk dirty to him—and you want to give it to him—but you freeze up and your mind goes blank every single time…

And unfortunately, a shy, quiet partner in bed is just… well, boring!

The good news is, ANY woman (including you!) can easily learn the exact dirty talk words and phrases every guy secretly wants to hear in bed.
Picture This…

You’re in bed with your man… you lean towards him and whisper a sexy phrase in his ear…

His eyes practically SPRING out of his head with ecstasy, and before you know it, you’re ripping each others clothes off and having the hottest sex of your life!

He’s incredibly turned on…
he’s more attracted to you…
he feels like the luckiest guy on the planet!

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Who doesn’t want to be able satisfy their partner?

Don’t listen to advice from other women.

Unfortunately there is just no way for any woman to truly understand what turns a man on.

Sure some women might claim to be successful at dirty talk with men, but let’s face facts, do you really think a man would ever tell a woman she is bad at dirty talk?

Of course not.

Those women might think they know what they’re doing, but how do they know for sure?

There are also lots of tips and courses floating around the Internet but they are incomplete and spotty at best. They all recycle the same old clichés and completely obvious tips.

You might get lucky and learn a couple of random phrases that work for awhile. But the problem is, every time he wants more (which he will), you will run out of things to say.

Those tips & courses are completely useless and will waste your money and time.

There IS a proven, guaranteed way to learn how to talk dirty to men and give them the most amazing sex of their lives and NO, it doesn’t costs hundreds of dollars!

How to Talk Dirty to Your Man Book

This incredibly exciting step-by-step guide will teach you exactly how make your mans dirty talk fantasies come true. And the best part is, you can blow his socks off over and over and over again…

…unlike anything he’s ever experienced—AND, you can do it practically overnight!

How to Talk Dirty to Your Man Book. Here’s Just A Taste Of What’s Inside…

– How to deliver red-hot, natural-sounding dirty talk that will drive ANY man wild!
– How to stop guessing what he wants to hear and know with 100% confidence he’s going crazy for what you’re saying!
– How to have SIZZLING phone sex that will satisfy him and you—no matter where you are!
– How to strengthen your long distance relationship and make it exciting! (He’ll only ever think of you…)
– How to give him AMAZING sexual memories that will last the REST of his life and turn him on over and over again!
– How to expand from “one liners” to dirty dialog that will keep him coming back for more!
– How to be creative with your dirty talk, so it’s not the boring old “harder,” “faster,” “it’s so hard” that men have heard all before…
how to talk dirty to a man
– How to use different techniques (role playing, texting, e-mails, phone sex) to enhance your dirty talk!
– How to tap into his deepest fantasies so you learn what type of guy he is and what turns him on…
– The different “dirty talk scenarios” you’ll encounter—and how to prepare for each one.
– How to see things from a man’s perspective and learn why dirty talk turns him on over and over and over…
– The simple secrets to making your dirty talk UNIQUE and EROTIC!
– 56 dirty talk examples for foreplay!
– Over 150 MIND-BLOWING dirty talk examples you can use during sex!
– 30 dirty talk phrases to trigger attraction—any time, any place!
– 84 POWERFUL dirty talk words you can use to customize what you say!
– 39 sexy nicknames that will turn him on and make him feel like a sex god!
– Discover the art of asking dirty questions…
– 10 common dirty talk questions men ask, and the answers he WANTS to hear!
– How to make your man ALWAYS want more…
– How and when to use voice messages to crank up the heat in your relationship!
– E-mail & phone tips to get his pulse pumping with anticipation! (Warning: he’ll jump you the first chance he gets when you unleash these…)
– Why body language, facial expression and voice control are so important, and how to master them so you can turn him on without any effort!
– How to build your confidence so you continually improve and take your dirty talk to the next level…
– How to bring his fantasies to life with role playing to enhance your dirty talk (including a list over 11 roles you can each play!)
– An EROTIC dirty talk Madlib you can play together, and how to make your own!
– How to make him really feel like a man that wants to satisfy and protect you…
– How to make him think you’re reading his mind! (He won’t know what’s hit him!)
– A *SIMPLE* technique to knock his socks off if he ever asks you to talk dirty!
– A little known strategy to avoid embarrassing yourself, wishing you could crawl into a hole.
– How to never be tongue-tied again!
– How to avoid the BIGGEST dirty talk turn-off you can make!
– Plus much, MUCH more!

Imagine how good you and your man will will feel when you suddenly start making his every little fantasy and desire come true as you say everything he’s ever wished a woman would say to him.

You’ll satisfy him in ways he’s never dreamed of… more than any other woman ever has—even if you’ve never tried talking dirty before!

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How to Talk Dirty to Your Man Book