How to Survive in Prison or Jail – Prison Survival Guide




Attention: If You are Going to Learn How to Survive in Any Federal or State Prison or Other Department of Corrections Facility… You Must Read This…

“Are You Going To Prison or Jail?

Are You Worried About How You will Survive in Prison Among the Convicted Murderers, Thieves and Rapists?”

“New Tell-All about the prison system, how it works and how to keep your body and mind as safe as if you were back home”…

If you are headed to prison or jail and are uncertain about what happens to you as an inmate from day one till you’re short to the door – or are possibly worried the system may have overlooked you and judged you unfairly in your PSI Report (what’s a PSI Report?? you BETTER find out!), this may very well be the most important letter you will ever read!

Violence in Prison Happens Every Day

It happens every day… In every prison…

Overworked Guards With Little Patience and Too Many Clients…

You Do The Math…

Are You A Family Member With A Loved One In Prison? Are You Looking For Answers On How To Cope or Wonder What They Are Going Through and Not Telling You?



141 Pages of Facts and Life Saving Tips For when you Go IN and When You Get OUT…

GOING IN >>> You MUST KNOW who to avoid and who to pal around with!
GETTING OUT < You MUST KNOW who to avoid and who to pal around with!

The HONEST truth about what it’s like; how to survive prison with your body and soul intact – then, once you’re out – follow the guide and stay straight..

This is one of the only prison survival training programs in the world of it’s kind that is designed to do one thing and one thing only:

Teach You How to Stay Safe In Federal Prison, State Prison or even County Jail —

You will get to read firsthand what incarceration is like…

Your first day of incarceration and what to expect.
You will realize you still have rights as a citizen
You will be stronger going in than most new inmates
You’ll discover ways to shorten your stay with a good PSI or Good Time
You will be given full access to all my info plus the bonus material
You’ll still have fears about your future… but with the help of this manual you’ll silence some of those fears

Everything inside “Survive Prison” is easy to read and I’ve broken it down into easy-to-follow chapters that really break down the things you need to learn every step of the way.

You Control Your Destiny!

You are the commander of your destiny – don’t leave it up to beauracrats, blowhards and bigwigs just looking for an easy sentence to add you as a notch on their political belt – you will be fighting for your life and this guide will show you how to get involved in the fight.

Now when it comes to a good fight its time you learned some real lessons about how its done. This isn’t high school – no one is coming to break it up – this is going to be a knock down, drag out fight in the court room.

…the whole idea of keeping you locked up is to break you down! That’s their goal — its to break your spirit so you simply give up, plead guilty and go to prison… just so they can add your name to the countless others before you to further their careers. It’s simply a numbers game and they will win… if you let them.

Understand this, while you are sitting in your cell, or sitting in chow having the corn stolen from your tray; your attorney, the prosecuting attorney, the judge, the jury, your family and everyone else in-between will be at their homes, eating dinner, watching a movie, having sex, using the bathroom by themselves with no one watching or leering at them… the things we take for granted every single day…. all while you waste away…


You can fight the good fight and show them no mercy. Show them that you care about your life and everything that you value and hold dear to your heart!

Don’t sit there crying and worried about your future… do something about it right now!

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How to Survive in Prison or Jail – Prison Survival Guide