How to Start Roasted Corn Business Book


How to Start Roasted Corn Business Book


Facts show that 80% festival food vendors (including corn roasters) do not survive to a second season.

The other 20% makes 95% of the money in the multi-billion dollar industry.

Have you ever wondered why?

How to Start Roasted Corn Business Book will show you how to be the lucky 20%. It contains highly confidential information that the top-notch corn roasters will never want you to know. Why? Because you will beat them at their own game with this complete guide to making money, working less and getting rich at the corn roasted business.


The book is designed for entrepreneurs at all stages of their careers, whether they are just interested in checking out the corn roasted business or people who have been tripped up by the start-up process before and want to do it right this time.

Even if you already own a corn roaster, but want to do better, this book offers unbeatable tips and advice to bring in big profits. If you are not making a NET PROFIT of at least $1,500 from small events (car show, ball games, swap meet, auctions) and $3,000 to $4,000 from large events (county fair, craft fair, food festival, community festival) then you are not using your corn roaster to its full potential. This book will give you the knowledge that you need to turn your roaster into a money-making machine.

Earn More, Work Less!

Here is why you will fall in love with this book:

Highly Confidential Knowledge

The successful corn roaster makes more money in one summer than a full time teacher in an entire year. Corn roasting is one of the easiest and most profitable businesses, but it is extremely risky. Without the right information, an inexperienced corn roaster will fail in his or her first season. The purpose of this book is to provide you the best resources and information available to assist you with starting your own concession business.

A lot of information in the roasted corn industry is tribal knowledge. The seasoned corn roasters tightly guard the secrets of this highly profitable business. They don’t want to share their money-making secrets, but I will change that. You will not find a book or website that shows you how to start and make money in this business. Experience is worth its weight in gold.

Save Months and Payoff Business Investment in First 2 Months

On average it takes at least one season to understand the basics of any business. The difference between making $50,000 and losing $10,000 is KNOWLEDGE. You cannot play around or make decisions based on gut feelings when it comes to business.

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How to Start Roasted Corn Business