How to Start a Successful Fashion Design Business


How to Start a Successful Fashion Design Business


How to Start Your Own Successful Fashion Line”- Business Mentoring-Program!

Revealing the Business and Marketing Secrets to Fashion Success!

If you are studying fashion, are a designer or simply want to start your own clothing or accessories line, this is the MUST KNOW business program for Fashion Start-Ups!

Easy-to-use, Step-by-Step Program to Make Money From Your Fashion Designs!!

(Includes Clothing, Accessories, Bags, Hats, Menswear, Womenswear, Childrens-wear, Swimwear, Lingerie, Formalwear, Street-wear, Surf-wear, Bridal and everything else ‘Fashion’!)

It Includes All the Things That You Wont Get at Fashion School!

As a member of the ‘Fashion Design Success Business Mentoring Program’, here’s what you’ll get to ensure your success..( for a low $49.00 per month…)

  • Step-by-step instructions on How to SUCCESSFULLY Start Your Own Fashion Label- From Home- and start earning money from your creative ideas! (full time, or part time!)
  • How You Can Start to Live Your Dream- TODAY- even if you are still studying or working Full time!
  • Simple and Easy ‘ 8 STEP PLAN’ to Launching Your Own Fashion Line’. Even if you are new to Fashion, and don’t know how to sew!
  • How to Register your own Business Name and Start Your Own Fashion Label- for less than $150!!
  • How to overcome Fear so you can get started- and do what you love!
  • How to get Funding and Government Grants to help you get started and manage Cash flow
  • Work Experience Contacts- so that you can get valuable experience while you set up your Label
  • Step-by-Step instructions on How to Get into the Fashion Industry- even if you have never Studied Fashion before, or worked in the industry.
  • Contact Lists of Clothing manufacturers and Suppliers- that you can use to get your designs made, and manufactured.
  • Local Manufacturers and Pattern Makers who can make your samples. ( so you don’t have to sew them yourself…)
  • How to source high-quality Overseas Manufacturers to make your Designs- For the Best Price
  • How to Overcome difficulties in Manufacture and dealing with overseas Suppliers
  • How to get Perfect Samples made of your Collection
  • A list of 10 Wholesale Fabric Suppliers so that you can design with the best fabrics that don’t cost the earth!
  • Custom Fabric Printers- so that you can custom make your own Fabric!! (and make your designs stand out from the crowd and get noticed!!)
  • How to deal with Customs Agents, Importing and Exporting your Designs
  • Step-by step instructions on how to start your very own ‘on-line’ store ( you don’t have to be a computer whiz to do this either!!)
  • Access to the members-only website with valuable information about making money from your fashion designs.
  • Business Plan Template- to help you plan your Fashion Label’s Success Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Designs- Top Marketing Ideas to market your fashion label that cost next to nothing to do.
  • Easy- to- Follow Video Instruction on How to Start Your Own Face book Store- to sell your designs to Friends, Family and Fans!!
  • How to get your designs stocked in a Retail Store or Boutique
  • Top Tips on How to Present your designs to a Retail Buyer
  • How to Cost Your Designs For Profit Press Release
  • Template- for getting free press on your New Fashion Label
  • Media Contact List- The contact Email Addresses of some of the Best International Fashion Magazines and Media Publications.
  • How to get Your Designs Featured in a Fashion magazine or Fashion Blog
  • Fashion Spec Templates in Illustrator!!! Download these templates on to your computer to save hours of time drawing your designs!! (Cheats way!)
  • Fashion Illustration Templates to help you illustrate your Designs Professionally (even if you cant draw!)
  • An Exclusive List of the World’s Top Fashion Trade Shows that you can exhibit your designs directly to fashion buyers
  • Interviews with top fashion industry professionals revealing the secrets to becoming successful in the industry.
  • Fashion Blogging for Profits Manual teaching you how you can make money from your very own fashion blog, and sell your designs at the same time.
  • Email support from our fashion success team, helping you get the most from your membership.
  • Weekly e-classes which are emailed to you. These take you step by step through each process, with heaps of examples, tool, tips and templates.

Don’t wait another day to realize your full potential as a successful fashion designer. The longer you procrastinate, the further you are away from earning a good income for your fashion talent!

Remember, it’s the not the best designs that get the most sales- it’s the best fashion marketing!

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How to Start a Successful Fashion Design Business