How to Start a Flea Market Business


How to Start a Flea Market Business


There has never been a better time to start a flea market business than today. With the slump in the job market, many people are looking for bargains on the things they buy.

It is….

Simple and straight forward
Low in risk
Scaleable (grow as big as YOU want)
Very, very fun
Full or part time

“The Greatest in The World”


It is great for a number of reasons. Number one, the products you find are always in big demand. There is real job security.

And it’s stable, plus allows you flexibility in your working schedule.

It’s not a trendy that’s going to go up or down. It has been going on for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and will continue for hundreds more.

ItĀ  has very good income potential. You can grow it as big as you want it. If you want to be a single operator with no employees you can do that.

If you want to grow it even bigger you can do it with employees, partnerships or even subcontractors. This is truly a scaleable. It can be as big as you want it to be.

This is one of the best ventures in the world to be in because you can start at the very bottom and work your way all the way to the top just by pure ingenuity, hard work and sweat equity.

It is fast to start. You can usually start in less than two weeks.

By using the methods and following the instructions you’ll find in this guide, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and get started in as little as two weeks.

You can make money your very first day.

It can be started on a shoe string budget. Learn how to get started for less than you might think. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is just selling you a bill of goods and probably doesn’t care whether you are successful or not.

You’re not going to have the Cadillac of equipment and or products and everything that you need, but you can certainly get started there. Then you can purchase new equipment, products, and more supplies out of profits, not out of your pocket when you start.

You can always move up to the Cadillac stuff after you’ve made a few bucks to put in your pocket.

It lets you be your own boss. It is completely portable. In fact, that’s how it’s designed.

You get to be your own boss. You call the shots and you’re in control of your own future and your own destiny.

You can set your own work days. If you want to work weekdays or just weekends, you can. You make the decisions yourself.

A lot of flea marketers only work weekends, and start part time and keep their own jobs. It’s really up to you.


“It’s Low Stress!”

It isn’t emotionally or mentally challenging. It’s a low stress business.

It’s a low stress job where you can just have fun and show up. You don’t have anybody breathing down your neck or anybody that you have to listen to. There are no expectations (other than the customers) you have to meet and it couldn’t be anything that could be lower stress.

“You NEVER Have To Work With A Jerk”

You get to choose who you work with.

You’ll probably make more money than you’re making right now and you get to choose who you work with or nobody at all. If you just want to be a solo act that’s okay. If you want to work with other people you can hand pick them.

“It Can Be BIG”

Once people see you making a lot of money they’re going to be more and more people that want to come help you. You can choose who you want to work with. You’re in total and complete control.

Plus, lastly, it leads to bigger and better things. You meet people everyday that you use to network and joint venture with.

“Start Your Own Successful Flea Market Business For Just Few Hundred Bucks – Break Even In Days”

Some operators begin with as little as a few hundred dollars and can make over $50,000 per year.

The opportunity has never been as great as it is right now.

“Finally, a Proven System That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune”

Introducing… How to Start a Flea Market Business


This “How to Start a Flea Market Business” guide and video lessons will help you to start your business quickly and easily.

There has never been a guide coupled with video instruction like this.

If there were a college degree program for the flea market business…this would be its text book and course materials.

If you are serious, do not go in blind. You will save the cost of the course, well before you ever open your doors and set your products out on the tables..

The pricing strategies alone are worth the entire cost of the course. Just think, you will never have to guess about what to charge. Guaranteed.

In this “How to Start a Flea Market Business”, you’ll learn:

  • How to find flea markets in your area to sell at.
  • 7 reasons why it has so much potential.
  • Whether accepting credit cards is necessary and if so, how to get set up for that.
  • The 4 forms of structure and the one that’s the easiest to start.
  • The 3 fool proof pricing models that get you the most profit.
  • How to deal with sales tax and where to go to find out answers to all your sales tax questions.
  • All about licenses, permits, and insurance.
  • The 3 types of products to sellĀ  and where to get them.
  • If you sell food products, 7 secret places to boost your sales.
  • The 4 critical aspects of promotion and how to use them to turn lookers into buyers.

“Plus You Get Every Form and Document You’ll Ever Need”

The Resource Guide & Forms

The forms: Forms set the system and you have won half the battle. Here you will find every form you will ever need in one place, all in MS Word, Excel, and PDF format and ready to print.

– Bonus Forms Include:
– Accounting Forms
– Insurance Forms
– Inventory Forms
– Leasing Forms
– Legal Forms
– Marketing Forms
– Purchasing Forms
– Sales Forms
– Shipping Forms
– Start-up Forms
– Office Management Forms
– Human Resources Forms
– Collection and Credit Forms

139 total forms!!!!

Your biggest competitor is you. Making big mistakes. That’s the only way you can really get in trouble is just by doing things that are not so smart.

It is a chance for anyone, man or woman, young or old, poor or rich, to achieve his or her dream of a successful business ownership. Do not wait – get started today.

This is the number one guide on starting a flea market business in the world.

This is your opportunity to shine. Are you going to actually do something? Or are you just going to sit there and kick some more tires? Come on. Get off your butt right now.

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How to Start a Flea Market Business