How to Start a Bulk Candy Vending Business – The Candypreneur


How to Start a Bulk Candy Vending Business – The Candypreneur


Learn how to earn a second income without taking a second job. Bulk candy vending is a remarkable source of passive income. A single well placed and optimized gumball machine can bring in $70-200 per month. That same vending machine can be bought used for under $100.

Introducing… How to Start a Bulk Candy Vending Business – The Candypreneur


In this book you’ll discover a road map and everything you need to know to start your business and turn it into an empire. You’ll learn how to start with a single machine, place it, optimize it, reinvest the revenues into additional machines and grow an empire. This book avoids all the fluff and gets straight to business. No matter what your past or experience this book shows that YOU CAN be successful and finance a dream of your own. Buy the book, take action on the steps outlined in the book and you will be a successful Candypreneur.

Table of Contents

Why start a Bulk candy Vending Business?
Real Life Is The Best Business School
Will I Need A College Degree Or A Certification?
Bulk Vending Vs Regular Vending Machines
Why Are Startup Businesses So Popular?
A Good Plan Is Nothing Without Action
Getting Started
Securing and Preparing
No Turning Back Now
Breathe Life Into Your Business Idea
LLC — Articles of Organization
EIN — Employer Identification Number
License and Permits
Business Cards
Buying your First Machine
Where To Begin Your Search
Things To Inspect When Buying Used
Types Of Vending Machine And Different Manufacturers
Two Heads Are Better Then One
Quality Materials Matters
Which Manufacturers And Machines Are Best?
U-Turn Vending Machines
1800 Vending Machines
A&A Vending Machines
Beaver Machine Corporation
Oak Manufacturing Company
Metal vs . Plastic
Cleaning And Repairing A Used Machine
Value Of A Clean Machine
Getting your machine placed
Best places to locate your machine
Selling it yourself vs. Placement Service
Selling it yourself
Approaching the manager or owner for permission
Effective Pitch Secrets
Alternative Placement Methods
Location Sold
Placement Service
Charity Stickers vs. Commission to stores
Buying your candy
Most Popular Candies
How to purchase your candy and where?
Internet Purchasing Beware
Estimated Profits per lbs. of candy
Inventory Control
Candy Dispensing Settings
Servicing your location
How to remain safe when servicing a machine
Worst Case scenario
Testing and Fixing the machine
Accounting and Finance
Tracking your Metrics
Vending Software
So What Exactly Does Vend-Trak Do And Why Is It So Popular?
Easy To Use
Multiple Machine And User Support
Location And Route Management
Counting your Coins
How to identify and keep track of your machine
Control Costs
How to build a candy machine empire
The concept of Compound Interest
Hiring people to help
Purchasing a Route
Tips and Tricks you will learn on the way
Appendix A

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How to Start a Bulk Candy Vending Business – The Candypreneur