How To Sell Stock Photos – The eBook


How To Sell Stock Photos – The eBook



Learn How Anyone Can Shoot, Upload and Sell Photos From Their DSLR to Create a Monthly, Residual Income That Keeps on Paying When
You Stop Working!

Have you ever wondered how to sell stock photos using just your current DSLR and lens?

Would you like to grow your own library of images to produce a steady, monthly, residual income?

Would you like to learn how simple it REALLY is?

If you answered yes to the above, then this new stock photography eBook covers everything you need to know about selling stock photography.

We have left no stone unturned and reveal all the secrets to producing a library of images that bring in a consistent, residual monthly income:

  • What to shoot
  • What NOT to shoot
  • How to shoot it
  • How to process it
  • Where to upload (agencies)
  • Where NOT to upload
  • How to upload
  • Traditional vs. Microstock
  • Effective keywording for more sales
  • Camera settings
  • Software
  • Equipment
  • Selection of sample images with real sales values from traditional and microstock…

But the market is saturated…Wahhhh!!!

So is pretty much any market since the internet boom and to be honest, the more people that think that, the better for me! Keeps the competition away! Here’s a little tip from my Business of Photography book for those of you with bigger ba**s (excuse the French but whingers annoy me)…

“Would you rather enter a dead market with nothing going on or would you rather learn how to sell stock photos and enter a market that is booming and growing rapidly with many people making money? Would you rather take a small piece of a huge pie or take the whole pie with no filling? It’s common business sense 101”.

The only people not making money from stock photography are those who don’t do it or those who give up.

Sure, you may not make a fortune or full time living from stock alone… but you can make enough to pay your mortgage and there are quite a few who do make a healthy, full time living from this…including people who were new to photography just 5 years ago…

What would you do with a few hundred or maybe a few thousand extra Dollars a month…every month, that comes in whether you keep working or not?

You see, the sooner you learn how to sell stock photos, the sooner your images start to mature. The more they mature, the easier they are to get found. The easier they get found, the more sales they make. The more sales they make, the more $$$’s they sell for as the agencies reward their popularity with a higher value.

How to Sell Stock Photos – What a great business!

It’s like getting a pay rise every year as your images become more valuable and there has never been a better time to get into shooting and learning how to sell stock photos. Once you have a substantial library of good selling images at all the agencies we recommend, those images will still bring in an income long after you stop uploading…

In the beginning of microstock, photos sold for miniscule commissions as the industry founds its footing among the masses. Now it has time to mature and things have settled, the payout value is increasing and the industry is still growing at a phenomenal rate.

In fact, it is probably DUE to the downturn that people are looking to turn to more affordable stock photography.

This is a really great business to be in as you can:

  • Take it at your own pace and learn as you go
  • You can upload as little or as many images as you like with no penalty
  • You are under no obligation to shoot a certain amount of images
  • It is a great way to learn and improve your photography
  • …and it is fun!

You see, in all honesty, some people who read this book will foolishly give up at the first hurdle, some will slowly build a great library of images and start to earn some very welcome extra cash each month and others will simply fly at this.

More than that, even if everyone that read this book went out and excelled at this, there is still enough to go around for everybody…this industry is huge!

Index of Chapters:

Traditional vs. Microstock
Exclusive or Non Exclusive?
Go it alone?
Licensed, Royalty Free or Rights Managed
The Images
Concepts/Subjects/What sells?
Still life/food/objects
Pollution/Environment, Urban Decay
Current Affairs
Trends and Technology
Composites, Vectors and Digital Artwork
Composition, macro, wide, cropped etc
Camera Settings
RAW/Jpeg Processing
Photoshop, Finishing touches and attention to detail
Keywording and adding info
Upload only your best
Competition and inspiration
Setting up your own studio
Copyright, Trademarks and the Law
Getting seen/Marketing your work
Staying ahead of the game/Moving on/Future Proofing

So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make money with stock photography and you could start today!

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How To Sell Stock Photos – The eBook