How To Save Money On Dog Grooming


How To Save Money On Dog Grooming



Save Money On Dog Grooming

Regular visits to the dog groomers certainly add up. In all my years as a dog owner, I only used a dog groomer once and that was very early on with my first Lhasa Apso Pepper. From that moment on, I did my own do grooming with all of my dogs and I saved a bundle on costs.

For my first two Lhasa Apsos Pepper and Max, I did everything by hand, ie., with scissors. By the end of each grooming session, my hand felt like it was going to fall off. To make things even worse, for some reason, I did Pepper and Max on the floor so my back ended up hurting too.

With my current Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie, I still did dog grooming by hand for the first 2 years or so but at least I learned enough not to groom them on the floor anymore. I had them up on the bathroom or kitchen counters which saved my back, even though my hand still felt the punishment.

Pet Clippers For Dog Grooming

So finally in order to save my hand, I decided to invest in electric pet clippers. These are designed especially for pets and I settled upon a model by Andis. Although I did see a few pet clippers at Walmart, I decided to go for a higher end model at a pet supply retailer.

In addition to the clipper itself, I also bought an additional blade and plastic attachments for a longer cut since the standard blade that comes with clippers results in too short a haircut for my taste. I don’t want Chester and Roxie to end up with a brush cut each time they get their major grooming done. These extra accessories are usually available only at the pet stores.
Video On Dog Grooming

Here’s a new video I shot with Chester to show a bit on how we do our dog grooming as requested by some of my readers and viewers. Notice just how cooperative he is and this is not by accident. I started to train both him and his sister Roxie to cooperate during grooming when they were puppies. I consider this to be part of basic dog obedience every puppy should go through – see my free dog training video info at the top sidebar of this blog.

Although they were already a few years old by the time I got the electric clippers, I had to reassure them that the sound of the clippers were no threat to them. With already a good base of obedience in place, getting them use to the clippers were not that big of a deal.

Enjoy the new video!

Dog Grooming Supplies

Both of the following online pet retailers (Pet Street Mall for North America and Pet Supermarket for UK/Europe) have great selections on clippers and other dog grooming supplies.

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