How To Run a 5K – Avoiding The 3 Most Common Mistakes


How To Run a 5K – Avoiding The 3 Most Common Mistakes

By Jago Holmes


If you’re spending time on your training improving your fitness levels so you have the ability to run a 5K easily, then finding out exactly how to run a 5k race will be the last piece of puzzle to put in place.

If you’ve increased your training to the place where you can run for longer distances easily and you’ve been able to avoid any injuries or serious niggles along the way, then the only remaining obstacle in achieving your goal is to actually run a 5k race.

As easy as that sounds, you’ll need to avoid making these 3 mistakes nearly all first time 5k runners make: –

Mistake #1

Trying to Finish in Record Time

There is nothing wrong with a little competitiveness against yourself, in fact throughout your training it will have helped you to improve. However during your initial 5k, the goal should ideally be to just finish the race without needing to stop. You can attempt to run faster in future races.

Mistake #2

Keeping up With Other Runners

Trying to keep up with a little old lady or a fellow runner who looks particularly out of shape is a big oversight. You have no idea what level of fitness other runners have, any increases of speed or extra effort you use to stay with or run quicker than them will usually take its toll on you at some time in the race.

Mistake #3

Going Too Fast at the Start

With the excitement and noise of the starting line, many runners get carried away with the mood and set off at fast pace under a shot of adrenalin. This really takes it out of your legs and depletes your energy stores, leaving you finding it hard to keep going.

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