How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery



How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery


In Robin’s guide – How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery, you’ll discover nuggets of wisdom that will help you to…

“Respect your loss and grief”
“Own your reality”
“Affirm yourself”
“Reclaim your life”



“Beyond the unconditional love and affection our pets provide, there are medical benefits associated with pet ownership…”

“Pets teach us about responsibility and love, and help us to interact with others.”

“Children especially benefit from pets because they learn how to care for another being.”

“As children, many of us were responsible for the feeding and care of a pet, and this experience helped us become responsible and caring adults. ”

“One of the best lessons that can be taught by a pet is that of happiness.”

“The presence of animals can reduce stress levels and help people to love and show interest in another life no matter what their circumstances are.”

Some people may have intimate bond when they… “live with a companion service animal or see their pet as a life partner or a child.”

If you treat your lost pet as family member… “You may hold a more formal service, choose a burial over a cremation and elect to do something in memory of your pet whether you buy a memorial item or participate in a fundraising activity that relates to animals.”

This is a “traditional care” human-animal relationship… “For example, if you typically get up in the morning and walk the dog, you might want to consider another activity such as exercise, yoga, or reading the newspaper.”

Robin Jean Brown will work with you to help you get through these stages step-by-step, using the most effective methods possible. Her coveted guide also reveals:

+ How you know when the time is right to put your pet to sleep. Get this right…and your furbaby will pass on humanely. Learn how to prepare, what happens during euthanasia, and how to cope emotionally (and how to help your pet cope). (Page 111)
+ Why you feel so much hurt and pain. Why you can be assured that it’s not crazy or unusual for you to be feeling this way. (Page 54)
+ What to do if a child’s pet dies. Make a mistake, and your child’s grief can become worse. Handle this correctly, and it will ease your child’s experience and help them cope and fully recover. (Page 102)
+ How to get the help you need from other people. Have you noticed that most people are dismissive of you and don’t seem to understand the pain you’re going through? Does it seem like they’re often more polite than they are truly empathetic? You’ll learn the secrets to knowing what to ask for. (Page 85)
+ Does it seem like you’re all alone in the world? It doesn’t have to be that way. Robin explains how and why your friends and family really want to help you, and gives you an action plan to ask them, the right way, and make the people around you into your own support group (Page 82).
+ The secret to handling pre-loss grief. This is the time period when you know your animal baby’s death is inevitable, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Robin explains the secret to coping with this, so that you and your pet can have the best time together that you possibly can. (Page 74)
+ What happens when a pet dies? Robin explains all the options — including cremation, pet cemetery burial, at-home burial, pet preservation, veterinary disposal…and even a collection of alternative memorials. (Page 127) That way you’ll have peace of mind that you know exactly what to do when faced with this unpleasant…yet necessary…task.

Plus…Robin goes the extra mile with warmth and understanding to show you how to help your loved ones to grieve.

As you work through the pain of pet loss, you may have read many other books. Have they worked? No, maybe not.

Why? Because you have to do something to work through your grief. You must take action and break through what’s holding you back.

You can’t just read…and wish…your way out of the rut you’re stuck in. There’s nothing wrong with you – that other stuff just doesn’t show you how it works for you.

That’s why Robin gives you full-detailed journaling questions throughout her guide, to lead you through the grieving process.

Even if the death of your pet, though inevitable, hasn’t happened to you yet – this is a worthy investment in peace of mind. Wouldn’t it be better to get prepared and learn how to enjoy each moment you get?


How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery