How to Repair Sewing Machines at Home




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Sewing-machine repair is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world today. Newspapers, women’s magazines, dry-goods stores, high schools and colleges are all encouraging millions of American women to do their own sewing, not only to make their own slacks, suits, shirts, sweaters, etc, clothes, but also to make nice clothes for their husbands, sons, or boyfriends. Statistics now show the tremendous growth in the number of women who make their own family wardrobe. The latest figures show that over 89 million American women, because of the high costs of ready-to-wear garments or the undesirable workmanship of store-bought clothes, are now making almost all of the clothing for their families. Now is the time when an specialist can write his or her own ticket. Never before has the money-making opportunity been so great in this field, if you know what you’re doing. And this is not to mention, it is also a very prestigious occupation.

But that’s not all. Most of these women find true enjoyment and satisfaction making the family wardrobe on their own sewing machine at home. So it is only natural that the demand for excellent service is on the upswing and growing by leaps and bounds. Think of it! Eighty-nine million or more equipments, not including another 10 million sewing machines in schools of all sorts, (such as grade schools, high schools, colleges, schools for the deaf, the handicapped, all across the land, just to name a few). And what about those in hospitals, prisons, homes of correction, tailor shops, women’s shops, children’s homes and old folks’ homes … the list could go on and on!

All these equipments need service at least once a year and quite possibly four or more times each year. Some women are forced to return their sewing machines to repairmen time after time trying to get it fixed properly. Not all, by any means, but many so-called sewing-machine specialists, simply do not have the knowledge or the know-how to correctly set up, adjust and retime the modern equipment.


The book is predominantly about sewing machines with just four of the 70 pages pertaining to and it is to great lengths include sharp and clear pictures along with the copy, so there is no need to flip pages back and forth in order to find the picture that goes with the text. There will be pictures of many different equipments, as well as illustrations of pails, proper adjustments, cleaning, and timing, etc. It’s clear, and it’s simple.

Here’s a just a portion of what you will learn in this easy to understanding Step-By-Step guide

+ How to thread all different styles, and how to wind the bobbin and select the correct needle.
+ How to properly clean and lubricate all the different sewing machines, and how to check the various parts for wear and breakage.
+ How to check for problems such as noisiness, thread breakage, needle breakage, poor stitching, skipping stitches, etc.
+ How to straighten the needle and presser bars and level the presser foot on all sewing machines.
+ How to check motors, lights, controls and wiring for various problems.
+ How to check motors, lights, controls and wiring for various problems.
+ How to properly time the needle bar, the hook or shuttle, the feed mechanism, etc., so the sewing machine will sew perfectly on all types of material and guarantee YOU satisfied customers.
+ How to set the tension on all the different equipments by using an actual gauge in this intricate setting.There are even sample repair tickets made out on sewing machines so you’ll know how to make charges for your service.
+ Where to purchase wholesale parts and new equipments, including where industrial machines can be purchased wholesale.

How Much Money Can I Make with Sewing-Machine Repair?

Think about much you can save if you just want to repair machines for yourself, your family and friends, after you master the easily learned techniques in this booklet.

Once you let people know you are servicing sewing machines, it is possible, in an average sized city, for about $50 to $150 of business to come in your door every working day. That adds up to $15,600 to $46,800 a year if you choose to work full-time. Of course, exactly how much you make will depend on many factors such as your customer service and marketing efforts, your competition and so on.

If you choose to service sewing machines part-time, you can charge $55 to $65 for cleaning each machine and a minimum of $79 for the labor repair charge. That’s exactly what you would save by servicing your own machine, year after year – far more than cost of this home-study booklet.

Ready to start your own business, but you can’t decide what Business to Start?


No Experience Needed

You do not need any special experience to get started in the sewing-machine repair business.

Be Your Own Boss

The best things about the sewing-machine repair business is being your own boss. Enjoy the freedom and independence of working your own HOURS at your own pace and not taking orders from someone else. Working for yourself is great. You control your own destiny. It is not like most jobs, where you do all the work while someone else gets rich. With sewing-machine repair, you are the one getting rich. And you are doing it at home.

Start Out In Your Spare Time

With sewing-machine repair, you decide whether you want to work full- or part-time. If you have a regular full-time job and want to test the sewing-machine repair business before giving up your job, this course makes it easy.

Now let’s talk about how much money you can make once you master the easily learned techniques in this course — or how much you can save if you just want to repair machines for yourself, family and friends.

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How to Repair Sewing Machines at Home