How to Quickly Start an Acting Career Home Study Course


How to Quickly Start an Acting Career Home Study Course


Do You Want To:

  • Drastically increase your chances of getting acting work within the first few months?
  • Know the sure fire STEPS TO FOLLOW TO GET AN AGENT.
  • Know what to do to be able to WORK WITH YOUR AGENT to get even more auditions than you are already getting?
  • Learn why JOINING SAG IS THE WORST THING YOU COULD DO at the beginning of your acting career!
  • Know what it’s like to work on the set of a film, television show or commercials
  • The kinds of jobs you need that will allow you to make money AND at the same time be able to dedicate most of your time to it? (Here’s a hint: It’s not waiting tables!)
  • Know if you HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to be an actor and if you don’t, how you can get IT?
  • Know what MOST ACTORS DON’T KNOW about HOW TO USE CASTING/AUDITION websites to dramatically increase your chances of getting called in for auditions?
  • The secrets to writing and structuring a cover letter that will get you called in for an agent interview?
  • Learn how to GET OVER STAGE FRIGHT and feel comfortable auditioning or performing on stage?
  • The 4 THINGS MOST NEW ACTORS IGNORE with regard to starting an acting career and that are the biggest reasons why most never make it?
  • Learn the 4 STAGES OF AN ACTING CAREER, what they are and why most new actors never make it past phase 2?
  • Two things that casting directors expect from an actor in an audition and how knowing them can dramatically increase your chances of getting called back for a second audition?
  • Learn the first two places an agent’s eyes fall on your resume and how to make sure you have on there what they want to see.
  • Make sure you get more of the kinds of auditions you want?
  • Answer all your questions about headshots, resumes, cover letters, actor websites, reels and all your marketing material?
  • The one thing you need to know about how to get noticed by casting directors and make you stand out in their eyes MORE THAN your competition?
  • Learn what agents look for in the actors they want to represent and how to make sure you have what they are looking for?
  • How to GET CASTING DIRECTORS TO CALL YOU in for auditions directly without calling your agent first.

Announcing…. How to Quickly Start an Acting Career Home Study Course


Is the “How to Quickly Start an Acting Career Home Study Course” good in markets and countries outside the United States?

The How to Quickly Start an Acting Career Home Study Course is also good and 100% applicable in other countries around the world. You see, there are certain things that are common to all actors no matter where you live. Of the 24 weeks of video and course material, there are 2 weeks where a PART of them are specific to the USA and some of the other countries in the world where the acting industry is flourishing.

They are:

1. Actor Unions: When we talk about actor unions. The course focuses mainly on the major unions in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. At the same time, however, this is an area that can be easily adapted to your market. In this case you would take what you learned and go and apply that to the unions in your market.

2. Trade Papers and Online Resources: The other section that is more specific to some of those countries listed here above is the part about trade papers and online resources, which is in module 2. Again, this info represents only a part of that week’s video and would then need to be tailored to one’s own market.

With regard to the rest of the material, as I said before it is 100% applicable to the different markets around the world. Having said that, there might be some subtleties that need to be adapted, but by and large this program is for actors all over the world.

Stuffing envelopes is easy. The most important thing you should do in that situation is this.

Start thinking long-term about your acting career instead of short-term.

Change your mentality, do the right things, which is not sending out mailings to five agents and hoping to get called. That’s a short-term, low-probability-of-success thing to do.

It’s a waste of money and time for you and the person you mailed to. And besides, it doesn’t do wonders for your motivation.

What you need to do lies in the answers to the following questions:

• What are you trying to achieve by sending out those mailings?
• What is your type?
• Is your package “lined up?” Is it speaking the same language?
• Do you know what the average response rate is for unsolicited mailings and how to beat the odds?
• Did you follow up with those mailings and do you know one of the best ways to follow up to increase your chances of getting called by the person you mailed to?

Besides the questions listed above, there are so many other questions that new actors need to be able to answer but can’t.

In the How to Quickly Start an Acting Career Home Study Course, not only will you learn how to answer all those questions and many, many more, but you will be taken through them step-by-step and shown on video exactly each and every step you need to take to make sure your mailings are a success.

That’s just one of the many reasons that if you follow the advice in the program the things you learn with Tony and other industry professionals, there’s a much greater probability that you will already get results within the first few months. What kinds of results? Have an agent, build relationships with casting directors who will start to call you in for auditions directly, start making some money on the side so you can concentrate on your acting career and many more things, already have booked acting work!

The last question I ask you now is, “Do you think you will be working in just a few months, if you keep sending mailings out like you are doing now?”

If not and you want to increase your chances for success and beat that ticking clock, If you’re serious about this, it’s all right here.

Stuffing envelopes is easy. Starting to get acting work and keep on getting it for a long time is a little harder. Most people, if they are honest with themselves, need help. What about you?

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How to Quickly Start an Acting Career Home Study Course