How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas


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Are bald spots appearing on your dog’s back, where he has bitten away the fur trying to get at his fleas?

Have you had to take your cat to the vet, because of tapeworms developed after your cat ate some of her fleas?

Have visitors to your home, every been bitten by fleas?

Are you confused over what products to use to get rid of your pet’s fleas?

Isn’t it time that you got those pests OFF YOUR PETS and OUT OF YOUR HOME forever?

They are blood-feeding insects. Pain and itching results from an allergic reaction to the materials that they inject into the skin at the time of the bite.

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of them and keep them from coming back… Then this book is for you!

If you’ve heard conflicting advice about the best way to treat your flea-infested pet and want clear answers… Then this book is for you!

Or maybe you’re just curious about what they are and why they find our pets so attractive… Then this book is for you, too!”

Introducing… How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas


Here’s just some of what’s inside How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas

• Fleas 101: What are they, what is their life-cycle… and ten facts about them that you probably don’t know (pages 6-8)
• Want a healthy pet? Then you need to be aware of the diseases and illnesses caused by them, including tapeworm and anemia (pages 10-14)
• When is it time to call the vet? The truth about when to stop trying to treat them on your own and call for professional help (page 15)
• Don’t even think of treating your pet for this common flea-caused ailment until you see the tips for home treatment of this malady (pages 16-17)
• 5 ways humans can get them… if you want to keep yourself from getting them (who wouldn’t?). (page 18-20)
• Cats and fleas. No, they are not picky and will take up residence on your cat. How to prevent and treat your flea-infested cat. (pages 22-23)
• In your home and vehicle? Use these methods of saying “goodbye” to them on carpets and floors, bedding and soft furnishings, in your yard and your vehicle (pages 26-31)
• Special natural treatment to repel and control them that should be in your toolkit (pages 32-34)
• The 5 most popular control products for cats and dogs (your friends and vet will probably recommend one of these… are they worth the money?) (pages 43-47)
• The tips on saving money on control products that most people never discover. (pages 48)
• Plus much, MUCH MORE!

This just scratches the surface of what’s in the book. You’ll get everything you need to know about flea treatment and prevention.

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