How to Play Craps at a Casino Online Course


How to Play Craps at a Casino Online Course



You probably have already found out that it takes more than just a little luck to walk away winners after making a play in a casino. How many times have you sat for hours and just fed the Bulldog ?

Let’s face it … 21 and Slots are brutal games. Slot Machines are the worst. Casino’s always rely on them to be their biggest money maker. It’s ding ding ding and ching ching ching.

It might seem innocent but it’s a computer programmed to take your money. It’s a waste of money …. it’s a losers game.

You stand a better chance playing 21 but it’s a back and forth grind that seldom produces more than just a minimal win and more often, a substantial loss.


Relax long enough and spend hours playing those games and see what happens. It’s a slow bleed.

Las Vegas wouldn’t be on the map if players came to town … made one bet and walked away a winner or loser. It’s the grand design of things. Push that button long enough or play 21 long enough and you’re going to lose.


When you play Craps you don’t belly up and play for hours. You recognize table conditions. You enter the game. You Strike and You Cash and when the phone rings at the Cashiers Cage when you step up, it will be the Pit Boss asking the Cashiers how much money you’re cashing. He wants to know how much you won. Check out who’s winning in a casino. It’s not a secret.

The players who consistently cash large come from the Crap Pit. SAVE YOUR MONEY …. YOU WON’T WIN PLAYING THEIR CASH COW GAMES. (it’s not set up that way)


It Shouldn’t be Fun to Lose

Most players step into games playing blind and don’t use common sense when they make a play. But it’s a fact of life the casino’s are filled with players who have fun gambling but don’t know how to win. You’ll have a lot more fun when you win.

Lear a way of winning serious and consistent money playing the most exciting and profitable game offered in a casino and you’re going to have the luxury of having insider information on how it’s done.

It’s a Fact

You can’t learn the Game of Craps by reading a Casino’s Brochure or watching a video. If you’re looking for the rules or odds of the game, which is all you can get anywhere else. Craps has never been a game that can be taught in a written form. There are too many complexities to the game. Take notice of the lack of content in the brochure.

Be realistic enough to understand. The Casino’s aren’t going to give you the information that will help you win their money. It’s not what they’re about. They just want you to play. They want to give you some basic information and get you into the game.

Don’t Be Misled

Winning comes from a combination of astute money management, accurate bet selection, correct timing, and lots of discipline. It’s knowing the game and understanding what is needed to win.


There isn’t enough information given about the game in the brochure that would allow you to win …. There’s no meat …. and that’s exactly what was intended by the casino who prepared it.

You can read it over and over again but there is too much content about the game that’s “mysteriously” missing. Did you read the chapter “HOW TO WIN ” ? It isn’t there !

If you learned anything at all … You got just the basics of the game. Don’t be misled. A Casino’s brochure isn’t intended to teach you how to win. If you’ve read the brochure you should be able to see that.

If you want to win serious money in a Crap Game you have to bring out the big guns … You need to have more than just an overview of this game if you expect to win money. Snap out of it. Wake up. This isn’t your Momma’s bingo game.

It’s an adrenaline pumping experience jumping into a Crap Game. It’s something that has never left me and you will experience it every time you step up to play. It’s a rush of excitement that I wish everyone could experience.

If you step into a Crap Game that has serious action … with big money in play … and the dice are passing … and the game is exploding .. you have to be ready … You don’t want to stand there scratching your head while others are winning hundreds or thousands of dollars every roll of the dice.

A Brochure isn’t going to teach you the game. It won’t tell you how to play and it won’t teach you how to win and you’re certainly not going to learn this game watching a self promoting video where the narrator doesn’t give a fat rats ass if you win or lose.

Introducing… How to Play Craps at a Casino Online Course


… Make 1 stupid play at a Crap Table and you’ll lose much more than the cost of this very inexpensive seminar.

If you want to risk your money trying to learn the game this way … you’re making a big and costly mistake. Are you ready to reach into your pocket right now and throw down a couple hundred dollars to play craps? Do you really think you’re ready to play? Do you think it’s that easy to win money?

Think About Just a Few Things the Brochure Didn’t Tell You…

  • Do you understand how to make place bets in the proper denominations and who sets them up ?
  • Do Place Bets work on the come out roll or can you ask them to. Should you press them when they hit?
  • Is $17 inside a “proper bet” if the point is 6. What number are you betting with a $20.00 outside bet ?
  • Did you understand how to make Come Bets. When can you make them or if you even should ?
  • Did it tell you if the Come Bet odds work on the come out roll ?
  • Did it tell you the worst bet on the table or the best bet you can make ?
  • Did it explain what a horn bet is ?
  • Did it explain what a horn high bet … is there a difference in the two and which is better ?
  • Is a field bet a good bet or bad bet … or why it is and when it is ?
  • Can you make a field bet on the come out roll ?
  • What about Don’t Come bets. Are they good or bad ?
  • How do you make a Come Bet ? Where does your money go on the layout ?
  • Should you lay the odds or take them or even know how ? What do they pay. Should you “go up” ?
  • What does telling the dealer to “press” really mean. How will it affect your bet and payoff ?

Nobody is Going to Hold Your Hand When You Step Up to Play and the idea of asking a “friendly dealer for advice” …. you’ll get laughed at.

If you’re serious about learning this game this course can teach. It can show you how to win and it can show you how to lose and you’ll learn insider strategies on how it’s done. If you’re a female wanting to learn this game? In How to Play Craps at a Casino Online Course, you’ll learn how to play craps like a man.

You can practice How to Play Craps at a Casino Online Course at home with a pair of dice and see for yourself. It’s a $57.00 maximum buy in at a Casino to play it. It’s a slow grind out strategy, but it consistently makes people money.


How to Play Craps at a Casino Online Course