How to Obtain Vision Correction without Wearing Glasses


How to Obtain Vision Correction without Wearing Glasses


Orthodox ophthalmology has lead all of those who have vision problems to believe that the only way to obtain vision correction is by wearing glasses or contact lenses. However this is simply not the case. Research has shown that glasses can in fact worsen your eyesight rather than improve it!

In fact an effective and safe way of correcting your vision without glasses is to undertake eye exercises such as the Bates Eye Exercise Method. William Horatio Bates was a respected ophthalmologist who after years of research began to question the teachings and opinions of orthodox ophthalmology and dared to say that there was another way to improve your vision other than by wearing glasses.

Thousands of testimonials by those who have followed the Bates exercise methods have shown that in fact these exercises are beneficial for a number of eye conditions such as Myopia, Presbyopia, Cataracts and Glaucoma. Bates showed that eyesight often deteriorates due to eye strain and that the key to improving vision and achieving vision correction is to actually relax your eyes.

He devised a series of exercises which involved exercises such as palming the eyes in order to relax the muscles. Other exercises include the swinging exercise which involves moving the gaze of your eye from one point to another. Bates also stressed the important of sunshine and Vitamin D for healthy eyes, and one of the exercises involves ‘sunning’ your eyes.

Many people who have followed these exercises regularly have to their delight found that they have been able to throw away their glasses. Furthermore they have found that they have saved money as they no longer have to make expensive trips to the opticians to change the lenses of their glasses. Those who have recovered healthy vision by following the Bates method are witnesses to the fact that there is a way of obtaining vision correction without wearing glasses.

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