How to Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit


How to Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit


What was once just another ordinary window opening can now be a jaw-dropping work of art. Today homeowners are replacing ordinary windows with museum-quality artwork made of colored glass and shiny metal… art that is breathtaking to look at as the light that passes through them changes throughout the day.

For more than 123 years, the same factory that made art glass for Louis Comfort Tiffany for his now famous stained windows and lamps still manufacturers hundreds of brilliant colors of designs today… right here in the heartland of America, in Kokomo, Indiana. (The Kokomo Opalescent Glass Factory). Dozens of manufacturers still exist today and they make designs that’s more amazing than ever!

In this new book you will learn how homeowners are adding thousands of dollars to the value of their homes, while adding attractive original glass art that lasts hundreds of years into their homes. This modern art is enjoyed immensely by family members and friends who visit homes that have them.

Introducing… “How to Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit”

How to Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit was assembled to promote the glass arts, and show the world how beautiful modern designed stained glass windows of today are. Most homeowners have no idea how the art form has evolved, and how breathtaking the new styles are. These amazing designs are now being added into homes and commercial structures by those ‘art savvy’ people who are ‘in the know’.

But what most people don’t know is how inexpensive and easy it is to design and build the perfect window for your own home yourself! This new coffee-table-quality book will show you how it is done, with ease, and it showcases over 300 photographs of completed designs to stimulate ideas for your home!

That’s right, over 300 full-color completed designs from various artists are on display in the Gallery section of this book to show the world how the modern designs of today brighten people’s lives and improve home values.

Those that are constructed properly and protected from the harsh elements will stand the test of time and shine bright for hundreds of years… and they will inspire happiness in many lives over many generations.

This is a dynamic art form that differ from one minute to the next, and one day to the next, along with the differences in the light that shines through them. As time passes from sunrise to sunset, and from sunny days to a rainy day… and from green spring days to white snow-covered winter days, these forms of art change in ways that are as unique as the day is itself. For this reason there is no other art form like it.

The designs in  How to Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit are one of those simple pleasures that turn houses into cozy homes. They help you to feel good when you are home, and put smiles on people’s faces.

During the day the windows are most brilliant inside of the house as the sun lights them up. But in the evenings, they are most brilliant when seen by people approaching the house from the outside. It’s as if the indoor lighting turns on these previously less obvious art forms. Although they could be easily seen from the bright sunlight outdoors during the day, it was the light shining through them in the evenings that made them come alive to passing neighbors.

Eliminate dusty mini-blinds and curtains forever and let the light shine in. These modern-designed privacy windows will amaze your friends, and get you complements galore!

One of the most common places people chose for their first project is their bathrooms. Bathroom windows require a degree of privacy, and many times they are made of unattractive frosted glass, or windows that must be blocked with curtains or mini-blinds.

No problem! People spend a significant amount of time in bathrooms, so this is a perfect place for colorful art to gaze at. You will be amazed at the designs that are possible for bathroom views. Check out over 300 different window designs on display in the Gallery section of this new book on How to Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit.

Learn how this modern twist on an ancient art form makes plain houses look lovelier in weeks. Use this to decorate your house to suit yourself. Design the kind of home you want, with art that you love.

Whatever art inspires you in life is possible with art glass. Love nature? No problem. Love flowers, birds and flowers, flowering trees… yes, all of this is being done today. Love the ocean, the beach, palm trees, dolphins…. again, no problem. Personally, I love those colorful nature and wildlife scenes best myself.

But, if you love golf, horses or hot air balloons, they too can be captured in vivid colors that never fade or change. Unlike cheap adhesive plastic overlays, real stained glass windows will never fade, wrinkle, or change in color with time. When real stained glass windows are properly maintained, they can brighten the lives of people who visit the homes for hundreds of years without changing a bit.

How to Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit


Learn how adding this art can significantly improve the value of your home.

It seems incredible that you can own original designs — for only a small investment. See how you can add $10,000 or more to your estate — For the price of a new suit!

They represent an economical investment in your home that brighten countless lives for many years, and improve home values. You can make your own custom one-of-a-kind art design with less than $100 in materials. That’s right; designs that add thousands of dollars to home values only cost a fraction of that in materials if you make them yourself.

And it is not hard to select a cool design. Anyone can do it.

And when you do make a work of art for your own home that turns out amazing, the satisfaction you feel every day that you walk by that window and re-admire its beauty. It makes you feel good that you created a work of art that you love, and that is also enjoyed by the entire family and friends who visit your home.

Does your child ever embarrass you with their art skills? This book can help them.

How to Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit will inspire children and enhance their creativity throughout all of their years of schooling.

The Gallery section in the book is a tremendous, colorful reference guide that can be used for all kinds of art projects. In other words, this is an amazing art book with many colorful images that the entire family will enjoy for years to come.

This art glass book was designed to help art teachers and art studio owners promote the glass arts to new art students and homeowners interested in this art. 60% of the proceeds from the sale of every book is used to fund the promotion of the glass arts to people in every country worldwide.

Use this eBook to inspire creativity. Use this book to let students see hundreds of modern designs that they can build on, and take to the next level.

With the gallery section of this book, student will see some of the best of the best designs. They will see the current state-of-the-art, and they will be very lucky if they can match it.

And they may be regarded as genius-level-artists if they can exceed it, with their works of art someday on display in museums.

Art students will cherish this book as a reference guide for many years. With over 300 modern and beautiful designs to study, art students will find plenty of inspiration for their next project. Even outside of the Glass Arts, students find this reference guide very useful.

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How to Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit