How to Make Macarons at Home for Pleasure & Business


How to Make Macarons at Home for Pleasure & Business


You Too Can Learn The ‘Secrets’ Celebrity Chefs Use To Create Smooth, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Macs, Perfectly-Round Domes And Delectable Fillings!

This book teaches you the coveted tips and techniques celebrity chefs use to create delightful French, Italian + Swiss macarons for glossy magazine photo shoots.

Announcing… How to Make Macarons at Home for Pleasure & Business

Most importantly, you will learn how to do that in your humble kitchen without any fancy kitchen gadgets or any special cooking or baking skills.

Best part, if you love baking or are looking for a new career opportunity then you’ll love the business section of this guide that shows how to start your own successful mac making business from home, if you wish.

What makes this book different?

Most books/recipes talk about countless variables that can turn your efforts to rubble. However, we have identified the three most critical variables that really make a difference – master these crucial steps and your success is virtually guaranteed.

Sure we don’t claim to have invented the Parisian macarons, inside we show you a superb recipe that dates back to 1807 – probably one of the oldest recipes in the world! It is not a twenty-first century invention, however, we are confident you won’t find another guide that is just as detailed and complete, while at the same time being simple, practical and easy-to-follow for those kitchen shy with little baking experience.

This guide will save you a tons of money because we did all the hard work, expensive testing and frustrating experimentation for you, so you won’t have to!

What makes this even more special is the special part that covers almost everything you need to know to start your own successful macaron baking business on a shoestring budget.

So while you will learn how to make bakery-quality macs at home, you will also learn how to become a businessman or a businesswoman!

We have interviewed a top marketing expert who is Australia’s ‘go-to’ guy for marketing and business success. And we’re convinced his wisdom is PRICELESS for anyone wanting to start a home-based mac making business.

Well, guess what? We’ve included ALL his best tips and strategies!

You will learn how to create your own marketing and advertising campaigns, how to promote your new business, and how to use the internet to help you make this a successful endeavor, if you so choose.

So, you will get a superb recipe PLUS a step-by-step plan to help you start a mac making business!

This book covers nearly everything you need to know about getting up and started in no time

If you love baking or enjoy the sweet pleasure of eclectic treats then you’re about to master a very useful skill set…one that could not only teach you its art and science but also show you how to turn it into a lucrative career.

This book will give you step-by-step instructions to help you produce the most popular colors and flavors that have universal appeal like:

liquorice macarons (you won’t believe what we use for the filling!)

The Fundamentals

As soon as you understand the fundamentals you can go on and start creating your own original variations and exotic ones that are just as unique as you are.

Finding exotic recipes on the internet is not a problem. Making them work in your kitchen can be another story! But, as soon as you understand what makes them tick – and that’s what this guide will teach you – you should be able to pick and shuffle different recipes to produce new ones with ease.

This book teaches you to walk before you run. It will teach you the fundamentals, it will give you a bunch of advanced tips and tricks the pros use so you can become a master in a very short period of time from now.

In How to Make Macarons at Home for Pleasure & Business, you will also learn how to:

  • Whip Eggceptional French, Italian + Swiss Meringue (YES! We cover them all)
  • Bake Perfect Domes
  • Color & Flavor a Shell
  • Create Delicious Velvety Fillings for Your Macs!
  • 18+ Great Ways To Flavor Ganache Filling
  • Make Nut-Free Macarons
  • Produce Cute Vibrant Colors That Romance The Eye!
  • Create slightly crisp shells with moist and tender underneath with delightful fillings on the inside
  • You will learn the technique for whipping a perfect meringue, the macaronage, and will even get TWO TEMPLATES for piping perfectly round domes.

You’ll love the fact that EVERYTHING important is described in great detail that is rarely seen in cookbooks these days.

In How to Make Macarons at Home for Pleasure & Business, you will also get little-known SOLUTIONS to these frustrating problems:

  • They have bumpy, uneven domes
  • Their pointy tips (nipples) don’t disappear after piping
  • They have no feet (or ruffled skirt)
  • They taste too sweet!
  • They look lopsided
  • They are flat, cracked, and really chewy
  • They all look different in size after piping
  • The batter remains too stiff despite mixing
  • Their shells cracked
  • The batter is still wet after drying
  • The batter is too runny
  • Their shells burn
  • I can’t remove the shells from the baking paper
  • Their shells look hollow
  • Their shells look rough

As you can see… this book is a must-have guide for anyone wanting to master this Parisian confection!

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How to Make Macarons at Home for Pleasure & Business