How To Make Big Profits Selling Tickets on eBay


Learn how YOU can make thousands in extra income EVERY YEAR, while never leaving the house!!

Have you ever wondered how some eBay-sellers get those elusive seats to concerts and sports match-ups? Have you spent more than you can afford buying and selling-tickets that no-one wants? … You’re not alone, but you CAN learn the secrets the brokers don’t want you to know!!

Introducing… How To Make Big Profits Selling Tickets on eBay

how-to-make-big-profits-selling-tickets-on-ebay-coverLearn the skills that brokers use to earn a substantial extra income every year. This 82 page book gives you all the information you will need to:

  • Get-tickets to the BIG events- Get-tickets to the events you want to see and the ones that will sell for the most $$$$
  • What events to BUY – Don’t waste money guessing on what to sell
  • What is a PRESALE and HOW DO I get in? -Step-by-step procedure to acquire them before the mass public. You”ll also discover FREE sources for passwords.
  • How to beat Ticketmaster and – Proven strategies and techniques to get ahead of other buyers
  • How to Get World Series, Super Bowl, BCS and NCAA Final Four tickets-for-FACE value – The only techniques available to the public for FACE value-tickets
  • WHERE AND WHEN to SELL them for the BEST PROFITS! -eBay/StubHub & Craigslist strategies
  • The ULTIMATE eBay-Listing -This book will walk you through every step of an eBay-listing. It will show you how to use the best keywords, get the most traffic and the most bids.
  • Shipping Methods – Guaranteed techniques for higher bids and NO chargebacks
  • How to BUILD YOUR OWN AFFILIATE SITE – Guide to building your own site and making money by selling other people’s-tickets
  • HOW TO RESEARCH EVENTS – Proven techniques to find the best events for resale
  • PRICING STRATEGIES -Proven methods for more bids
  • AND Much MUCH MORE – Arena and Stadium seating charts and capacities, Free software and more

These techniques are tried and tested. YOU DO NOT NEED a large amount of disposable income, this book will show how you to succeed on a limited budget.

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How To Make Big Profits Selling Tickets on eBay